Goal #39 – Girls sing, Dixon’s First Steps, Letters From Santa and Frankenstein!

I love my boy! 🙂


Kevin having multiple personalities!  Kevin says to me this week “I have a lot of different personalities, but every single one loves you a lot!  Aren’t you lucky?”  I love my man (or should it be men).   🙂

Bryson decorating Dixon with puffy igloo pieces, thus creating Frankenstein.

Frankenstein Boy

Addisen and yard work!  These two just don’t mix!  The picture will tell all!  🙂

15 year old grumpy face!

Hadley shopping with Addy at Walmart and acting like Addy was her Mom and I was her Grandma (is this because I am turning 40 next month?!!!)  HJ says to Addy:  “Mom, was I adopted and where from?”  AJ: “Yes, we got you at the hospital.”  HJ, in a whisper:  “No, tell me I came from Grandma.”  She is so funny!  She continued to call her Mom the rest of the time (I was in another part of the store).


Getting a phone call from one of “My Missionaries”!  Elder Standage checks in every once in a while and it’s such a treat!  He confirmed me almost 20 years ago!

Hadley sending a note to Santa (she included Royce in the letter).  She was adamant that it go in the mailbox (she even wanted a stamp on it, but I told her it will go directly to the North Pole).  The mailman took the letter and after a couple days Royce and Hadley both received letters from Santa himself!  They were decorated and so cute!  We were all jumping up and down with excitement.  The little old elves even signed the drawings.  🙂  I love people that go the extra mile even though they don’t have too! 

Letters from Santa!

Temple Sealing team!  It was so fun to ride down and back with other couples whom make us laugh!  The kids watched the debates and reported back to us (gotta love it!).

I Love Christmas Break!  We are baking, wrapping and reading!  We got back from the temple to see under the tree full of presents that came while we were gone.  What a fun surprise!  I think my Mom even tried to match the wrapping and ribbon with our living room!  Thank you everyone!

Dinky Home Depot tree and the pretty, matching presents! 🙂

A special, unexpected Christmas present from a dear friend in Oregon!  She gave me an acorn necklace because Oak trees are so strong.  I love wearing it!

So pretty! My acorn necklace. 🙂

Saturday morning surprise from our neighbors, a huge, beautiful Gingerbread house!

Gorgeous Gingerbread house from our neighbors!

Dixon finally taking his first steps!  He is extremely wobbly, but at least there is hope!  I also had to shave his hair too.  It was so messy looking and food was drying in it everyday.  He looks younger now, but his eyes stand out more (in my opinion).  🙂

Dixon's haircut!

Every morning we know Royce is up because he will plug the Christmas lights in (the plug is in his room, but the lights wrap around the banister).  It’s so cute because he doesn’t come out for awhile but we know he is awake.

Special package with an ornament and framed picture of Brian (Kevin’s brother who pasted away in September).  Isn’t that the most thoughtful idea!  Wow, we are blown away!  We are feeling all loved up!  🙂

Singing Christmas Tree!  It was really neat!

Singing Christmas Tree

Ward Christmas party!  The Primary kids sang a lot of songs and did a Nativity program.  I LOVED IT!  So cute! Merritt and Tessa got to sing one verse by themselves!  Great job girls!  We were so busy watching them that we didn’t even notice Hadley up on stage for awhile. 

  Corbin filmed it and he said his arms were tired!  🙂  The girls sing the second verse.  🙂

Hadley was one of the kings!
Frame and ornament pictures of Brian. 🙂 So sweet!
Oh, my Corbin! Love him!

2 thoughts on “Goal #39 – Girls sing, Dixon’s First Steps, Letters From Santa and Frankenstein!”

  1. I shared the video on facebook. I hope that’s ok. If not I will be happy to take it down. I figured if its on youtube you don’t mind.

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