Goal #38 – Germany? Yes or No?, KKK, Girls Camp!!!, A Key to Unlock the World!!

As some of you might be new to my blog, I thought I might explain why I have been doing this.  Here is what I wrote back in March:  “Here is my one year goal!  I am going to write once a week about the things that worked and didn’t work in my life.  I plan on doing it every weekend (jotting down notes each day).  You have no idea how hard this is going to be for me.  I haven’t written in my journal for over a year.  I am so far behind in so many things, I don’t think I’ll ever get to catch up.  I felt prompted to start doing this, thus I will obey.  I’m not quite sure why, but I really felt like I should do it in this format.  Soooo, here it goes……”

Now it is 38 weeks later and I love it.  I am much faster, I know how to attach a video and I still hate doing it!  I always love it the next morning (as do the kids), but it’s a struggle to get it done.


Deciding whether to go to Germany!!!  This is a really hard decision.  What do y’all think?  Kevin was asked to speak at a conference in Berlin, they will pay for him, so it wouldn’t be too expensive…..  but leaving the kids????  Can I really do this?  I keep going back and forth (usually with the kids behavior being the leading reason for my fluctuation).

Signing my Christmas cards “KKK”.  I usually sign them “Kevin, Kelly and Kids”….   I thought about shortening it since we live in Alabama……

Conversations with little kids through the bathroom door while taking a shower.   All I can hear is muffled sounds and I’m always having to shout back that I’ll be out soon (I try to sing it so they will think I’m being nice!).  Royce has resorted to slipping things under the door for me to see when I am finished.  🙂

Running in shorts and a t-shirt on December 14th!!!  I need a cold winter to make it through the hot summer!!!!

1 step forward, 2 steps back!  This would sum up my life!  I spend most of my day listening to everyone and picking up or getting ready for the million things to come.  I am sooo thankful I can be at home to do this but it feels like I never make headway.  I get ahead for an evening but then the next morning I suddenly have a huge list again.  I know, I know, 10 people in a family can do that to you!  🙂  I do love all these wonderful people!

Finding out that a dear friend John Blankenagel had passed away.  He was our neighbor in Oregon and one of the most serviceable men we know.  He will be very missed.  Thinking good thoughts to those that are hurting right now.


NEW CALLING for me!  Yippppeeee!  I finally get to go to Girls Camp!!!  I am the Stake Assistant Camp Director!!!  I get to work with wonderful ladies  and Young Women, I’m so excited (minus the bugs, spiders, snakes and heat, but I won’t focus on that!).  🙂

Royce wondering where the prophet went on the steeple ornament!  He meant Moroni on top of a temple.  So Addy created a replacement out of tin foil!

Our new Angel Moroni on the steeple ornament

Dixon sleeping with his blanket, sucking his thumb and snuggling on Zippy his new birthday Zebra.  I love snuggy things like babies!!!!

Zippy Zebra can be a pillow too!
Zippy Zebra, a blanket and your thumb, what more could you want? 🙂

Hadley:  “I think Santa lives in the moon.”  “As apposed to on the on the moon”  “Mom, of course he is in the moon, that’s why we can’t see him!”

Getting to have the Relief Society Christmas Dinner at my house (the Stake Center was closed for the Festival).  It was so fun to have the ladies here and have a Pot-luck dinner and a sock exchange!   Fun, fun, fun!

Glorious Stake Christmas Festival!!!  Kevin got to sing in the incredible choir, they sound like Motab and I love going to the Live Nativity.  We are also glad it is over, so we can have Kevin back a little.  🙂

Royce:  “Why do Dads and Moms have to be so tall, like a house?”

Dreaming that I got to spend an entire day with a good friend from Oregon.  Until my wedding ring slipped off my hand and we spent hours looking for it (in real life,my rings have been slipping off my fingers)!  🙂

Saturday morning breakfasts!!!!  Breakfast Cake, Farm Fresh Eggs, Orange Juice and Christmas music!  The house feels so happy and like Christmas morning!  Love it!

Taking  Royce shopping without any other children.  We played together the entire time.  He came back all filled up and happy.  After we got back, he went in the playroom and talked to himself for an hour while he played.  It was so cute and he was really happy.  Wait is talking to yourself a red flag?

My Mom’s doctor appointment with really great recovery news!!!  We are all so happy for her!

Dixon and Royce pulling a Radio Flyer ornament around.  So cute!

Roycee pulling the Radio Flyer ornament

Still doing the Preach My Gospel thing with the kids on Sunday night.  We read one page a day and discuss one thing from each page on  Sunday.  We get a special dessert each week too!

Preach My Gospel "Brownie Stencil Dessert"

Dixon’s well check!  He is normal!  Weighing in at 27 lbs.  He has succeeded in throwing my shoulder/arm out and hurting my back!  Will he ever walk?????

Hadley’s (6 years old) answer to what she wanted for Christmas (a stranger asking)  “I want a key that will unlock everything in the world”.  She is completely serious, I think we are in trouble.

LOVE getting Christmas cards from everyone!

Royce misunderstanding the words to Feliz Navidad:  “I guess, naughty, not!”  🙂

Someone is secretly doing the 12 days of Christmas on our doorstep.  It is so exciting and makes us smile each night!  The little poems that are left are really cute.

Organization e-mail.  I received the greatest e-mail and I want to do all of these clever things (click here).  I plan on doing it when things slow down, ha, ha!


8 thoughts on “Goal #38 – Germany? Yes or No?, KKK, Girls Camp!!!, A Key to Unlock the World!!”

  1. I absolutely agree with Sandy!!! GO TO GERMANY!!! What wonderful memories you two will create, it’ll be lovely! -I also make myself available (with an extra baby:) to move in, if necessary! Or I can cook or clean or give rides, or have Preach My Gospel study sessions (which, by the way, super awesome that you’re doing it!) or I could even do an intensive language camp for the week with all the kids! 😉 We could even do German so the kids can surprise you when you call and even give you tips!

  2. I agree ( as I have already told you ) GO, GO, GO! And since three of your friends have told you they will help with the kids – and move in if necessary, I think you should start packing. 🙂

    1. Cheri, the fancy brownies were a fun stencil the kids cut out from a Martha Stewart magazine. It actually worked. 🙂 The brownies made us sick from too many sweets…..

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