Goal #37 – Dixon is One!!! Graham Cracker Houses, No More Hagley and Huge Bonfires!


Holes in our walls!  I’m still getting used to how much boys wrestle.  Not that our present holes are from wrestling (they were just accidents).

Bryson, Corbin and Kevin wrestling with the group of boys at the Court of Honor.

Christmas pictures, cards and everything that goes with getting these out!  Worth it, but so stressful!

Unedited version, we had to exchange some heads! 🙂

Christmas shopping!  So hard to get it done, but I’m finally done and can enjoy the rest of the season with fun activities.

Spending time trying to negotiate selling our house in Oregon!!  Very stressful!

Not finding any time for our entire family to be together to celebrate Dixon’s birthday.  We were doing Family Business on Sunday and we just couldn’t figure it out.  Thankfully, something was canceled and it all worked out! These last two weeks have been insane!  After this weekend, it will calm down and we can just enjoy each other.

Hadley finally cluing in that we call her “Hag” or “Hagley”!  I knew this day would come!  HJ:  “Mom, why do people call me Hagley?”  “Well, Merritt couldn’t say Hadley when you were born, so she said Hagley, same with Royce, isn’t it so cute sweetie?”  “No, I really don’t like being called Hag”.  “Oh, OK, HADLEY, I can listen to you and talk to the other kids.”  😦


Went to the coolest Eagle Court of Honor!  It was outside with a huge bonfire  and a walkway with torches and amazing food!  The weather was perfect and you could see the moon through the leafless trees.

Basketball games for Bryson, Tessa and Merritt!  So fun!

Escaping to the temple!  So worth it!  🙂

Decorating the tree.  This is a wonderful/stressful event with 8 opinionated kids.

Finished memorizing the “13 Articles of Faith”!  I memorized ten of them years ago, so I re-memorized them and finished the rest!

Love having Kevin in our ward for church!

First Presidency Christmas Devotional!  I love started the Christmas season off with this.

Hadley adding her “beautiful picture” to our wall of Christmas cards.  She thought that was what we meant when I said we hang the Christmas pictures on the wall.   I love filling the wall up with all the wonderful cards and pictures, just warms my heart….

Girls putting beautiful make up on!

Thankfully, Royce didn't have any on!
I didn't see it until the next morning!

Home School Group Christmas Party!  It was so fun to have it in our home.  I got to help Hadley’s class played Christmas Bingo and made Graham Cracker Houses.  We sang Christmas carols and did a cookie exchange.  Thanks to everyone that helped! 

FHE Graham Cracker Houses!  Kevin poured frosting into the kids mouths! 

Royce calling Bryson’s guitar picks, pickles!  🙂

Hadley asking what divorce is.  I love that she doesn’t even have to worry about it.  🙂

Dixon’s first birthday!!!!  We love this little/huge guy so much!  He has completed our family perfectly (I am extremely happy to be done having babies!!!). I can’t believe it was only a year ago that he came to us!  He  woke up at 6:00 am on his birthday, he must have been really excited!  🙂  He got a Sit n’spin for his birthday.  Love you Dixon!!! 

Whoops, I almost forgot the Chore Chart idea!!!  Feel free to stop reading if you are not interested, but a number of people have asked for it so……  First, Kevin and I make a list of all the chores we want done.  Then we take it to the kids and let them add any we forgot (they actually do tell us some extras!).  Then we write them on the wall (in our broom closet), we put a push pin in next to it. 

  We have 10 tags for each kid  with their name on it.  We just go in order and put the tags on.  It’s extremely HOME MADE by the kids.  I rotate the chores Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  We have a Weekly section that I rotate once a week.  They do those on Saturday.  We have noticed that Bryson is not around enough to do this, so he has a project (like taking care of the yard), that he can do when ever he wants.  Hadley is younger so she has 3 chores that are easier and we don’t rotate hers.  We add and take away chores when needed.  It’s great, because after school they know exactly what to do before they can go anywhere else.  We also can check to see who didn’t do a good job on their chore (then we give them an extra chore).  I can give a list for the individual chores we thought of, if anyone wants it.  Happy working.  By the way, my house is only Kid Clean!  I wish I had time to clean it myself, but I pick up and put things away a lot!  If this doesn’t make sense you can call me.  🙂

Dixon with his new birthday ball!
Gingerbread houses with Hadley's group. Aren't they adorable?!!!
Singing Christmas Carols in the living room by with the piano (this is with out the 12 and above kids).
Cookie Exchange! Yum!

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