Goal #36- Thanksgiving, Hadley’s Anger, Awesome Bike Ride, Shotgun Threats and Mom Finishes her Personal Progress!!!

Hello everybody! This is BRYSON filling in for my dear mother. I will be telling you about the things that were messed up, and things that went well in our happy family. 🙂 This should be fun! Y’all should know that this is the true, unbiased version of things.


Thanksgiving! We had a great Thanksgiving. Mom cooked all day, and made some amazing food. Although I am disappointed that she did not deep fry the turkey, or cook it in a trash can in our back yard, it was the best turkey I have ever tasted! It just fell apart, as if it was pulled pork. Soooo good. We had the Hoggard family over, and we played some fun games, and had lots of laughs. We sure do miss having Thanksgiving with our family though. We didn’t have to cook, and our aunt always did the dishes for us. But best of all we would spend so much time with the people we love. We miss that a lot. But we survived!

Our Thanksgiving dinner table.

That morning we had our TURKEY BOWL!!! Best football ever. We were sooooo sore after, all the guys just sat on the couch, and Tim Hoggards legs would cramp up every time he left the dinner table. Everyone enjoyed laughing at his pain. Back to football, Dad was the oldest guy there. And he isn’t even 40. And best of all, out of the 5 interceptions that happened during the whole day of football, I did 4 of them!!!!!!! I have now decided that I am going to play football!

LADY ANTEBELLUM CONCERT!!!!!!!!! One of the best nights of my life. I bought tickets that were on sale a few weeks ago, because Lady Antebellum was coming to our city on Black Friday.  So I bought two tickets, one for me and one for a date. I ended up taking my neighbor and it turned out great. The tickets I got were way up there on the side. But two of my friends from Calhoun called me and said that they had heels on, and weren’t going to stay the whole time anyways, and wanted to give us their tickets. So we switched…….. and we were on the floor!!!!!!! We were on the end of the catwalk! After wards I was sooo stiff and sore from standing so long, but it was the most amazing experience ever! We got to touch their hands, and it was just an amazing concert!!:)

WE made a huge list of all the family traditions that we can think of during Christmas. It helped our family……….. bond a lot? Or I’m sure it brought the Christmas spirit in to our house.

Mom loves me being the chauffeur. I was going to get batteries for her and she said for me to take all the kids and help them do their Secret Santa presents at Target. It went well! I didn’t lose any children for very long, and they weren’t very sneaky, so I know just about everybody’s Christmas presents including mine. And the best part is that I forgot to get the batteries!

According to tradition, our family set up Christmas on Black Friday. Us men are usually gone on some insanely long and freezing hike, so I have missed out on it every year that we have lived here. ( I missed it again because I as doing yard work) It was great for everyone else to bring out all the decorations that have the best memories, and setting up some cool Christmas lights.

We had our first family bike ride since we moved here! We used to do it all the time, but we haven’t for a while. It was amazing. It was so beautiful outside, nice and warm. ( I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, and it snowed 2 days later) It was nice to have our family together, except Tessa was not with us. We missed her. Little Royce was awesome, he peddled his little bike as fast as he could, and was able to keep up most of the time. Hadley got a side ache halfway through, and she got to ride on Corbin’s pegs. With Hadley and Royce not being able to ride the long distance, we ended up piling their bikes onto the trailer, and Dad pulled it all. We went to Chick-fil-a after wards, and as always, it was amazing.  Best restaurant ever  🙂 


Dad with little bikes stacked on the trailer!
Family bike ride.

In church, we sang “For The Beauty of the Earth”. It went very well, Addy played the piano, the 3 girls sang the first verse, the rest of us sang the second, and we all sang the 3rd. Dad  said it went well, so we are just gonna have to trust him. Except I sang the third verse instead of the second, and we kept laughing, but it made us look like the happy family we are.

Momma finished her Personal Progress! Although I have nooooo idea why she is doing something that has to do with Young Womans, she is very proud of it and it seems fitting that it should be on the blog. GOOD JOB MOM!!

Also, it rained on the way home from church, and it was snuggy.  🙂

We had an activity girls activity here, and they all had fun.  🙂

Merritt reading her Activity Days paper.

**Side note:  Bryson was reading off of the list I made, so he had to put things on here that he doesn’t care about.  🙂  Also, for those of you that wanted to know the details of our chore chart, I will get it on as soon as I can.  I’m hoping my next two days will be better than my last week!


When I went to pick up my date for the Lady Antebellum concert, her father came out to the living room with a big ol’shotgun. I always promised myself that I would laugh if this ever happened. Well, I laughed, but then after a few seconds he didn’t smile. I wasn’t smiling anymore. It was a joke (I hope), but still freaked me out. He asked who was driving, then said I better take good care of his daughter. Then he said be back by 9:30…. no make that 9:00. Then he cocked the huge shotgun and it echoed through the whole house. I have waited for that my whole life!! It was awesome. But it was very intimidating. The collar of his Polo was stuck up so he looked like on of those lizards that has the frill that pops out to intimidate their prey.

When making the pudding for Thanksgiving dinner, Royce messed with the mixer and it sprayed all over the kitchen and he was covered in vanilla pudding!

Royce with pudding all over him! 🙂 He was not very happy at our laughter!

Mom also got confused as to why there isn’t 4 innings in football…….

As I said earlier, I was doing yard work all day Friday. We have so many trees in our back yard. Way too many. And Dad says we need to get it all up and bag all of them before they kill the grass. For the past two months, I have spent the better part of every Saturday blowing the leaves into piles. And there is always more. So I think we should cut them all down!!!! Get rid of them forever. The end.

Riding in the car today, Hadley just started telling us a little fact about herself  “Sometimes I want to be mean, but I make myself not do it. I punch the ground and then it goes away. I don’t know why that happens. Do you know why it goes away??”

Well, it was fun telling y’all about our happy little family.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Goal #36- Thanksgiving, Hadley’s Anger, Awesome Bike Ride, Shotgun Threats and Mom Finishes her Personal Progress!!!”

  1. Good job Bryson! And I notice that you have used the word “y’all” appropriately, and the reference to “pulled pork”—-you are quite the southern boy. Guess we will be seeing you hanging out at DQ soon with your buds 🙂

  2. Nice post, Bryson. Very cool about the concert tickets. You know (right?) that every time you rake the leaves while the rest of your family has down time, you become 4 percent more man. It’s true. So beat your chest and roar or something as they frolic and eat ice cream and you slave away.

    Hadley – I have no idea why punching the ground works, but I’m glad SOMETHING works! (:

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