Goal #35 – Anonymous T-shirt, Rolling Trash Cans, “The Help” and a Wonderful Husband!!!


Kids rolling down the hill in the garbage can that they were supposed to bag leaves in! 

Underestimating how much Kevin supports, loves and helps me around here!  He was gone six entire days and I have to admit that eight kids were too much for me by the end of the fifth day.  I really started to lose it.  He was flying home across the country and he kept calling me to tell me he would come home and rescue me!  He did exactly that, Saturday was blissful to be back in his arms and have him getting the kids back on track.  He is truly the greatest man and I am so blessed to get to share this life and the next with him.

Making a Christmas list and starting to shop!  It really stresses me out until I get going on it.

Addy and Bryson learning to push for what they want (I know this is normal for teenagers, but it’s really exhausting!).  I love teenagers, especially mine, but they decided they needed a new Mom that would answer the way they wanted.  Thankfully this was only temporary (and they were cracking themselves up as they said it)!  They are so great, but while Kevin was gone, they started in on me and I was taken back by it!  Still learning…….

A dog following me all the way home!  Half way through my run this dog started chasing me, but then decided to just run inbetweeen my legs and come home with me!  No we didn’t keep it!


Best part of my week was getting the cutest t-shirt dropped off on my doorstep!  I have always wanted a shirt to go running in that said “I have 8 kids, give me a break”.  There was a note attached saying “To Kelly, Because you’re awesome!”.  Wow,  someone knows how to make me feel so special!!!!  Especially when I was still trying to get my feet under me this week.  It just brings tears to my eyes!  If you are reading this now, THANK YOU, and tell me who you are!!!!  🙂   I’ll have to start questioning the kids to see if they saw anyone….

Front of t-shirt! 🙂
Back of the t-shirt!

Reading “The Help” because Addy read it and said I had to also.   We wanted to go see the movie at the $1.00 Theater.  I was finishing the last 15 pages during the previews!!!  🙂  We liked the book better, but enjoyed the movie (Corbin even came with us). 

On the way home from the theater! Love my kiddies! 🙂
Finishing the book "The Help" in the Theatre!

Chore Chart!  I love our rotating chore chart.  We tried so many things while the kids were little, but this has been around for years now.  We rotate the tags every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  They have once a week Saturday chore tags too.  The kids are so cute as they realize they have a group of easier or harder chores.

Bryson’s looooong quote about dying without ever owning an electric guitar!  “If I were to die I’d miss out on being married, relations, and kids but I’d have that and be with my family in Heaven.  So the only worldly thing I would really miss is not having had an electric guitar to play my Country Music!”.

Taking Addy shopping with her gift certificate.  I’m really not cut out for this shopping stuff, but it went well and was fun to be with her and Corbin.  🙂

Bryson, Addisen, Corbin and Tessa going to a Debate and Speech Marathon for an entire day.  It was really quiet in the house with only four kids.

GETTING A PING PONG/POOL/AIR HOCKEY TABLE FROM OUR AWESOME NEIGHBORS!!!!  Everyone has been playing it none stop (with some arguing).  Our Media Room is perfect for it (mainly because it is downstairs and it has a house door on it, so I can’t hear them!).

Bryson and Kevin playing pool. Please excuse the food storage in the background! 🙂

Hadley:  “Why is Mr. Ray going to put a pool in our downstairs house?”  She had never seen a billiards table.  🙂

Hadley:  “I want to play Pimg Pom.”  She says it correctly now…. 🙂

Royce saying his prayers!  When I put him to bed he normally likes me to say it for him, but one night he wanted to do it.  It was the longest prayer as he so sweetly kept ducking his head under his bed to look at his favorite treasures and include them in his prayer.  Love him!!!

Kevin getting set apart for his new calling!  It was very special, we were able to bring the three older kids too.  Just before he left for his meeting he gave me a hug and I got a lipstick mark on his white shirt!  Whoops!

Smelling Thanksgiving pies baking the night before Thanksgiving!

Home school group Thanksgiving Day activities.  So cute!


2 thoughts on “Goal #35 – Anonymous T-shirt, Rolling Trash Cans, “The Help” and a Wonderful Husband!!!”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I love you all!

    I am going to read The Help this weekend. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. And I LOVE the shirt. What a fun gift!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

    I really enjoyed the book, but I hate it when I finish it and feel lost without it for awhile! Happy reading! 🙂

    Love you all!

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