Goal #34 – Climbing Trees Way Too High, New Calling, Helicopters, Leaves and 11:11:11!!!


Hadley still pulling things out of the trash!  The other day she pulled all of Kevin’s old business cards out.  I keep finding them all over my room.

Kevin traveling on business all week.  😦  On the first night Corbin said he could just pretend that he was at a meeting.  That only worked for about a day!

Tessa leaning over my head in the middle of the night (on the night that she got to sleep in my bed) and saying some random phrase and then throwing herself down on the bed.  Freaked me out!  I let one of the three little girls rotate into my bed when Kevin travels.

Dreaming that a bug was on my face and I was squishing it, then waking up to a reality that I am REALLY killing a bug on my cheek!  Ahhhhh!  I had a hard time falling back to sleep!

Dixon trying to move from two naps to one!  I’m holding on for as long as possible.

Corbin’s new nickname… Chester… long story, but he doesn’t like it. My Mom and I had a great laugh over it though.  🙂

Kevin sending me the picture of a tree, asking me to find Hadley (click on the picture of the tree now, she is a little camouflaged).

You can barely see Hadley up near the top!!!!

He said that she told him that she was just going to go climb a tree.  He said “Have fun!”.  After a few minutes he thinks, I should make sure she is ok.  He gets out there and calls for her… “I’m right here Dad!”, “Where?”, “UUUUPPP here!”  “Hadley you come down, you shouldn’t climb that high you could really get hurt, how did you do that?”, “Oh, it’s so easy, I would never fall.”  We are definitely going to keep a closer eye on her!  I happen to have been the same way as a kid, if I physically could do it, I didn’t understand why you would ever get hurt, you could just keep it from happening….

Inserting my foot in my mouth as I explained my OPINIONS about the difference between BYU Idaho and BYU Provo.  I had forgotten I was talking with the Rachel and John Ricks a descendant of Ricks College himself!   Thankfully they were laughing, but endlessly making the most of my mess up!

Hadley’s loose tooth hanging by one root but Daddy being gone!  She just kept crying that she needed Daddy to get it out (this has always been Kevin’s area of expertise).  She called him crying and it broke his heart.  I on the other hand successfully used Dental Floss and got that sucker out!  🙂

My cute six year old missing her front tooth! 🙂

The weather!!!  One morning I’m enjoying the cold weather at 27 degrees, but two days later at the same time it was 63 degrees.  I had to use the air conditioning this week!!!  72 degrees and horribly humid on November 14th!


Kevin being released as a High Councilor, then called to be the  Stake Executive Secretary.  He was really sad to not be on the High Counsel anymore.  😦  With the stakes splitting it has been super busy, but he is learning a lot and loves the men he is working with.  I get to have him back with me on Sundays during church!  Yippee!!!

Leaves on the trampoline!  🙂 

Watching some of the CMA Awards with the older kids.  Fun!

Taking Bryson and Addy out to dinner at Red Robin as a thank you for doing such a great job when Kevin and I went back to Oregon for Brian’s funeral.  We all loved our Mud Pie!

Bryson and his smiley face Mud Pie!

Addy getting to drive again.  She had her privileges suspended by us for a month.  The drifting into other lanes at 70 MPH and then thinking it wasn’t that big of a deal, kind of did me in.  She’s driving beautifully now!  🙂

Hadley was grabbing a flyer in front of a house that was for sale (this is a hobby of mine).  A dog was barking at her, when she got in the car she said “That dog said, GO AWAY!”.  🙂

Getting to watch Kevin (on the web) give his keynote speech live from California.  The kids all got to watch it too!  Go Kevin!!!  He showed his video called:  When I Grow Up

Celebrating 11:11:11 A.M.  on 11/11/11!  Eleven is my favorite number so this was a big deal! 

Bryson is allowed to use “The Family Cell Phone” for his needs (there are rules that go with this and he is great about them).  One day he was expressing to me how thankful he is for HIS phone, I promptly took it away… JUST KIDDING no one else uses it anyways!  🙂

Hadley doing an awesome flip on the trampoline.  I asked her how long she had been able to do it, she answered “Oh, I don’t know about 10 days”.

Wonderful neighbors that take my little ones on their riding lawnmowers while they do yardwork!

Tessa and Merritt going to  a science fair at University of Alabama Huntsville.  They loved it!  Royce got to see a helicopter land right in front of him.  This was his dream because he lands (or crashes them on purpose) the same type of helicopters on the iPad.   


Bryson going on a double date and three of the people have the last name of Jones!!  Funny!

Hadley looking like Nanny Mcfee with her loose tooth.

Nanny McPhee!!!

Having fun with trash bags full of leaves!  These were only some of the leaves from the front yard! 

Matching Pajamas! 


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