Goal #33 – Let Them Be Little, Guitar House Caroling and Webbed Fingers


Kevin putting on an outfit that looked so 90’s.  Yes we still have clothing from 15 years ago, it is not our strong point!  We had an ongoing joke that night that he just looked so stupid.  It made us laugh even if it sounds mean.  I tried to take a picture, but it didn’t turn out very well.

Kevin's 90's outfit, hmmmm....

Corbin trying to trace his hand for a turkey picture.  He has webbed fingers so it was a little distorted.  He can’t wear gloves either!  He says he swims faster though!  🙂  Some day he will want surgery but he won’t do it now….

I like special turkeys! 🙂
Corbin's webbed fingers

Walking to another neighborhood with 4 of the kids and thinking we found one of Bentley’s puppies roaming around.  As we got closer we realized that it was Bentley who had escaped!!!  Then we had to take the overly excited dog to the house to meet the prospective babysitting job!  It was really embarrassing!  Corbin had to stay outside with her to keep her from scratching the door, he kept flying past the window as Bentley dragged him around…..  Not how I pictured the first impression to be!  It’s funny now…..

Chores not getting done correctly!  When I pointed it out, they would all say “But I did it!”.  How could it be done when it’s not?!!!!   Kevin had a big talk with them and now if it’s not done right the first time, they get an entire day of yard work.

Tone of voice always needing to be nice.  Royce accidentally hit Kevin on the head with a ball, he said it was ok, but not with a nice tone of voice and Royce started crying like he was in trouble.  It’s amazing to me how important that is!

Hard moment delivered from a hurtful person!  It was a good lesson on remembering that we are all here to learn to be better  and we all have our weaknesses (enough said)…..

Kids snowboarding down the grass (they were being pulled by a bike!).

Royce asking every two minutes if it’s time to go to Pre-School!  I forgot about this stage, they can’t understand time but they know enough to keep asking.

Child talking about inappropriate things and having it reported to me.  It turned out he didn’t say what was thought but still not a fun part of a mom’s day.  I try to look at it as a good opportunity to discuss things… 🙂

Dixon has taken his adventures to a whole new level!  He can open cupboards and suck dish soap, get the girls toothpaste, click the mouse and has found the toilet!!!  Not my favorite stage, thankfully he is adorable and learning so much.  He conquered the stairs and can go up and down them perfectly.  I don’t baby proof (by others standards), I just keep an eye on them constantly and teach them as they go.  This works for me because they tend to get through the stages faster and then by two years old they are happy and trained.  It’s probably why it’s not my favorite stage, it’s a little exhausting, but I have a lot of helpers too.  🙂


Kevin remembering a game he used to play with the four older kids (when they were little).  He has a ball and all they have to do is  get it.  Of course, we had to break them up into groups because the little ones were getting crushed.  It was so fun! 


Basketball for Tessa, Merritt and Bryson (especially Bryson driving to his!).

Hearing Bryson teach Corbin the guitar upstairs.  Bryson saying “Ya, this is what Dad showed me when I was learning”.  Warms the heart….  The caroling through the house at 9:30 pm (going to each bedroom door) could have been deleted!  🙂 

Corbin picking his Eagle Project.  He is going to organize a group to paint a mural on a huge wall at the High School.

Getting to clean the church with the kids!  Love it!

Fall leaves!

Merritt, Corbin, Hadley and Tessa's feet

Bentley finding the girls bed under the window.  It’s her new favorite spot in the house.

Bentley and Hadley on her bed

Date night with Kevin!  Dinner and Captain America.  I now know why Bryson has claimed him as his hero.  I thought he was so great!

Reading a page of “Preach My Gospel” each day and then discussing it with the three eldest kids Sunday night (along with yummy cinnamon rolls, made by Addy).  It worked!  We had a great time talking on an older level and not getting distracted by the youngers.  Although, Corbin was in rare form, so the spirit wasn’t always attending us….. 🙂

For some reason I am ending up with extra hours in my day!!!  I’m actually getting ahead on things (some of the time, I’m used to survival mode).   It’s hard to decide how to fill that time, should it be playing with the kids, reading, cleaning, genealogy, talking or magnifying everything?……

Hadley:  “Mom, I’m so glad you ended up my Mom and no one else!”

Hadley ran up to me with a pretend camera and said “Say cheese!”.  She then said “That’s going on the blog!” and ran off.

I was listening to “Let Them Be Little” and Hadley said “Why do you want kids to be little?”  I explained that little kids still get in bed at night, giggle and cry, etc.  Of course, she ended up in our bed in the middle of the night!  🙂

Finally getting sad about the end of the baby experiences.  I have not felt sad about it since Dixon has been born (I thought I would really cry about it, but I haven’t).  So, it’s finally hitting me as I see others have their beautiful newborns and I know I will never have that amazing experience again.  I see pictures of my babies and I already miss them.  I really have loved most of it.  But my body has had enough wear and tear on it.  It must be that Dixon has really moved on to the toddler stage.  I’ve tried to soak it up as much as possible… 😦  If I could just freeze this point in our lives…..  My kids really melt my heart!  We are so blessed!


One thought on “Goal #33 – Let Them Be Little, Guitar House Caroling and Webbed Fingers”

  1. You may miss them as they grow…but your blogging (journaling) will help you remember as they grow and it helps you and your family remember and your appreciation grows!!!
    love you all

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