Goal #32 – Halloween, Blowing Up Night Lights, Masks and Running on Grocery Carts!


Merritt saying to Addy:  “Mom said I can say the F word!”.   She then whispered It’s FOOL” with a big grin on her face!  Addy had to laugh!

Tessa, Merritt and Hadley

Kevin snipping Dixon’s ear when he gave him a haircut!  It bled forever!  Our babies have so much hair and it’s extremely hard to give them haircuts.  They are always whipping their head around to get a look at the scissors!  Good thing it was only his ear….

Dixon feeding himself!  I hate the mess of the highchair and little kids eating in general!

Dixon before he makes his mess!

Our Night Light bulb blowing up all over the place.  This caused the electricity to go out in all three bathrooms and a nice smoke line up the wall.  I was just trying to get the night light to work again, but it went berserk (I really prefer to say it bizzerk!).  It took us over a week to get our electricity to work again.  Thanks to James Walker and Kevin for fixing it!!!

Watching the new Jane Eyre movie.  Addy and I have read the book and watched the movie from 5 years ago on PBS.  We loved that one, this new one only frustrated us after reading the incredible book!  We love to read books, then watch the movies.

Dentist trip!!!  Can you imagine taking 7 kids to the dentist all at once.  We actually had to make two trips so the baby could be left.  It was a new dentist, so first impressions play a role in this.  Thankfully, the office was wonderful and the kids were great.  I think the dentist said something about us being Catholic, I decided to just let that one pass…..  We have a tradition that I will get the kids something good if they don’t have any cavities.  It’s been so long since we’ve had any cavities, that they expected to get something…… but Merritt had a teeny cavity (due to deep grooves) and Addy had a little one too (It seems her braces were blocking this new tooth in the back and she couldn’t get to it, she’ll have to use a Q-tip).  Still, no reward!  I’m hardcore!  🙂  I went to the dentist the next day so the kids can’t watch me shaking in my boots,  I HATE it!  I’ve tried to brainwash my kids into loving the dentist.  It has worked for all these years, but Bryson finally picked up on it this time……


Ward Trunk or Treat!  Loved this activity!  There was a chili competition, pumpkin carving and costume contest.  Two Wards and one Branch combined for it.  I was really impressed with all the costumes.  So fun!

Dancing to Christmas music with the kids three days before Halloween.  We can only sneak this in when Kevin isn’t around!  🙂

We moved 3 bedrooms around this last weekend!  It is so fun to go to bed in a different spot in our room!  We (Tessa, Merritt, Hadley, Royce, Addy and I, not Kevin) were  so excited to get in bed.  I also love that all the dust and junk is cleaned out.  When I was a kid I would change my room around about once a month!  I know that is a little obsessive, but I loved it!  It’s been two years and nothing was going to stop me!  I also pulled down curtains that I have hated since we moved in… there are still things I want to change to my style……

The Huntsville Stake was split this last weekend.  It’s was a really neat experience.  They created the Madison Alabama Stake.  It’s sad to see friends go, but exciting to see the growth.  We all really enjoyed the great talks at the meetings and the spirit that was so strong.

Reading Preach My Gospel again.  Kevin, the 3 older kids and I are going to read a page a day and discuss it on Sunday with a fun snack!  This is the plan anyways…. 🙂

Halloween Trick or Treating!  I love this!  One of my favorite things is to hear all the little kids running from house to house in the cool, dark night air.  It brings back so many memories and is really cute.  Kevin and I always have a great chuckle as we watch our 2 to 3 year old child trying to keep up with the rest of the kids, their little legs just can’t run fast enough and their heads bobble back and forth while they hold their pumpkin full of candy.  I even love to just smell all the candy together (for memory’s sake, not to eat it!).  🙂 

Putting all the candy in one big bowl.  Bryson kept joking about how possessive they are about their candy but do they realize it’s all just going into one bowl?  They get to have a piece after lunch or dinner each day (if they are good!).  🙂

Royce saying the dentist tickled his teeth and then running off giggling.

Looking for Royce and Hadley after dinner (it was dark out) and not finding them.  Finally I could hear distant giggles out side, I open the door and they are rolling down the hill in all the leaves.  So adorable!  Ahhh to be a kid again.

Running as fast as we can on the grocery cart!  I love not being pregnant and tired!  When we get out of the store, I run quickly and then jump on and ride it with the kids.  People think we are crazy but it is so joyous!  You should really try it sometime!

Bryson getting to go to an awesome shooting activities with the Young Men!  He loved it, thanks to his great leaders! 

This one is just weird!  We were at Kroger’s and I turn around and Bryson has this horrendous mask on!  We don’t even wear any masks, but this was so funny!  All three kids put one on and I just had to show it!  I’m still laughing…..

Bryson, Merritt and Corbin!!!

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