Goal #31 – Pumpkin Carving, PMS (Kevin’s mistake!), Forts and Snuggy PJ’s


Royce running in the house and saying:  “Mom! Mom!!!  See the cars always stop for me when I ride my bike in the street!”  Really?  Does the 3 year old have to ride his bike out in the street and make our neighbors stop????  I have since made sure he doesn’t go out there anymore….  At least he had his helmet on.

My Dad getting our cold after visiting us.  😦

Kevin’s quote:  “Kelly, mixing PMS (being frustrated) and skinniness really doesn’t work!  You look all Halloweenish on your face!”  First of all he is lucky to be alive!  Long ago we worked out that when I feel PMSy I just tell him and he is so sweet and lets me cry, etc. until I feel better.  It has worked so great for years, but at dinner I made a face at Tessa about something and he said his wonderful remark.  He tried to explain his comment by saying that my face looked all stretched out on my bones, just like Halloween….  Hmmmm….  Maybe he’s right?  Addy said “Think harvest colors Mom.”

Hours spent changing clothes from summer to winter!  I HATE doing this, but after it’s done, it feels so good to have it all organized.  We are the hand-me-down house.  So many buckets, bags and boxes!  I only had to buy a few things for the little girls.  Huge thank yous to all you wonderful families that have donated to us over the years.  Your clothes are being put to good use.

Tessa putting around 20 of Corbin’s shirts (that we were giving away) on at once!  Scary!

Tessa and her muscles!


Dixon waking up at 4:00 am because he was cold.  I loved it (not that I would love it if it happened every night).  I held him, rocked him and he clung to me.  I haven’t gotten to spend any middle of the night visits with him since he started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks, so I really cherished this.  I plugged in the space heater and he went back to bed, I tiptoed out with a huge smile on my face.  Love my little man!

Snuggy PJ’s on little boys!  I love them!  Freshly bathed kids in cute PJ’s are the best!

Snuggy Pajamas!

My Mom getting to play tennis again!  She was so happy to play at West Hills for the first time since her surgery!  I loved hearing the excitement in her voice!  Congrats Mom!  🙂

Bryson and Addy going to a Western Dance.  They had so much fun!

Addy ready for the western dance.

Royce playing with trucks!  I love little boys!  Missing my little girls, but love the boy thing!

Royce and his trucks!

Kids making a fort in the play room.  Didn’t you love creating forts as a kid?

Look closely for 3 little heads!

Royce shouting at reading time.  We use a special book to start reading and he is supposed to “Say if fast”, he yells the words loudly and it’s so cute!

Watching favorite movie “SOUND OF MUSIC”!  I haven’t watched it for a while and I just can’t get enough of it.  My other favorites are “Father of the Bride” and “Cheaper by the Dozen”.  Do you see any themes here?  🙂

Pumpkin carving!  We have a tradition of always doing it on the Monday (FHE) before Halloween (hopefully the pumpkins won’t rot before next Monday!)   We had a couple of Corbin’s friends join us too.  🙂  Please note my voice is not completely back and I have a baby on my hip, so the video is a little weird. 

Lots of pumpkins!
Scary faces!

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