Goal #30 Kissing, Dad’s Visit, Girls Laughing, Pumpkin Patch and Corbin is a Life Scout!


Boy trying to kiss Hadley (she is 6)!  When we were driving back from the lake Addisen starts telling us about the cute little 6 year old boy that was at the lake and how he came back to the group all dejected looking.  She asked him what was wrong and he said he asked Hadley to kiss him but she wouldn’t do it.  🙂  So, we turned to Hadley in the car and saw her bouncing, cute eyes were looking all mischievous like (we were a little worried).  We asked her if she kissed him and she said “Whaaaat?, Why would I do a thing like that?  No way!”  We got lucky this time, although he was the cutest little boy…..

My Dad getting pulled over by a cop with 4 of my kids in the car!  We got to church and couldn’t figure out where they all were.  Luckily, the cop let him off with a warning.  The next day, Hadley pulled up to Kevin’s desk on a little car, with a phone and hat and told him she was pulling him over!   🙂

My Dad spewing out of a fast slide at the pumpkin patch and almost wiping out two little kids!  Actually, it made me laugh so hard I almost fell over.  I had talked him into the slide so really I am to blame.  🙂

Losing my voice!!!  Although, Kevin said it was nice that everyone was whispering….

Hadley pulling trash back out as she empties all the trash cans in the house.  She keeps putting things on my desk that I have thrown away 2 times.  So funny!


Reading old journals.  I decided it might be a good idea to read through some old journals to make sure I want my posterity reading what I wrote.  I only got through one!  I got lost in my room for an hour while I read it and the kids had to come find me!  I loved reading it!  It brought back so many feelings and experiences of the past.  I read some of it to the kids and they loved it too.  I went through a phase of “trying” to write poetry, it was pretty bad in my memory but when I read it again I thought it described that phase of life really well.  It also made me laugh at myself!

Girls laughing on the tire swing with a friend!  Warms my heart! 

Hadley and Bryson going on a cute date!  🙂

Hadley and Bryson's date!

Tessa working really hard to get a picture of her bunny on it’s hind legs.

Tessa's bunny Caramel on it's hind legs!

My Dad coming for the weekend!!!!  I can’t say enough about how great this was!  We played Knock out basketball (I even won!  I only say this because after 8 kids I am so happy to be able to move again!), went to dinner, had a breakfast together, went to church (Bryson was speaking), showed him the tornado areas and got to just be together and talk.  We were so blessed to get to have him with us!  Love you Dad!

Dad surrounded by kids!! 🙂

Lyon Family Pumpkin Patch!!!  This place was sooooo fun!  They had so many fun things to do, even things adults could do.  I was running around like a little kid.    The video with the horses was so funny.  They lined up and did the scene from the “3 Amigos”  I loved bouncing on these things!  Please remember my voice is gone, so I sound horrible. 

Bryson, Royce, Corbin and Kevin on the hayride. 🙂
Dixon ready for his first pumpkin patch! He's looking much too old to me! 😦
Dixon and my Dad on a hay ride. 🙂

Corbin getting his Life Scout award and 8 Merit Badges.  He just has his Eagle to go!  Congrats Corbin, we are so proud of you!

Corbin (with Royce in the background). 🙂

Royce getting his 10,000th scrapped knee on his bike!  This part didn’t work, but when he said “Guys, guys, Mom made it all go away, I’m good now!”  That worked!!!

Fall Break (same as Spring Break, just in the Fall).  😉  We’ve loved this lazy week.  My new motto is, “All is well as long as the older kids have a great book that they can’t put down”.


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