#29 – Pillow Fights, Boating, Sinful Behavior :) and Dead Dogs


Dixon having a horrible diaper rash after we got back from our trip.  We are still trying to get it to go away.  I knew something had to go badly while we were gone.

Hadley saying “When you were in Oregon, it was like you weren’t even gone”.    This also works because it means the kids did a great job!

Paying massive amounts of $ for a new air conditioner/furnace!!!  We could have gotten a third car or paid for Corbin’s braces with it!!!

Isn't it beautiful and shiny?!!!!!

Reports of Bryson’s rapid/crazy driving skills!!!  Ahhhhh!!!

Bryson getting home from his lake/boating vacation with an incredible family and then being depressed because of our chaos and lack of individual attention.  He also said that getting back into the school mode was too hard!  Reality is hard sometimes, but we were the cause of his sadness.  😦

Having to leave early from a perfect boating lake day to get Corbin to a camp out (we wouldn’t have taken him if it was a regular camp out, but he was supposed to be a Patrol Leader, so we had to keep the commitment).  😦

A nameless child copying/pasting a science lab from his/her sibling, then turning it in as his/her own.  Some children are still working on honesty!  Very disappointing, but a zero grade after calling Dr. Evanko is a good natural consequence.  The threats toward me about putting this on the blog were followed with much laughter.

Dog chasing after me and then getting run over by a car!  I watched it’s last flinches… so sad!


Royce riding his bike with complete confidence (I’m sure a future post will be of his stitches!!!). 

Bryson getting to go to Smith Lake with the Munster family!!!  He had the best time!!  We were so thankful that they are such a great family and influence my kids for good.  It’s so nice to have your child get to go somewhere where they get to be their best self. 

Bryson and Claire

Entire family getting to go boating for a day on October 7th (can you believe the weather here?)!!!!!  I didn’t know there were lakes that were as beautiful as Oregon here in Alabama!  I didn’t even see a snake!

Royce driving the boat! 🙂
Tessa, Hadley, Merritt and Kate

Neighborhood picnic!  Bounce house, amazing “Covered Dish” food, face painting, Cotton Candy and beautiful 78 degree weather!  My younger kids had never had Cotton Candy (I know, they are so deprived!!!), so it was fun to teach them to spit in it and watch it dissolve.

Royce disliking Cotton Candy at the picnic.

Hadley reporting that Merritt said a bad word…  I said “What word is it Hadley?”  HJ says “It starts with D and means you are not smart”.  She felt mischievous just describing the word dumb!

Playing Knock-out basketball with 9 of us!!!  Yes, I almost have my basketball team!  Royce was so funny… he got the ball and took off running away from all of us, we were thinking wow, he really is clueless but then he went and shot the ball in his Little Tykes Hoop.  It was so cute and he was so proud of himself!  Ingenious!!

Family Home Evening lesson about contention in our home (this stems off of one of the things Bryson didn’t like when he got home, realizing he was staying on a lake with a boat and only 5 people).  We do pretty well for all the people in our house, but we want it to be so much better.  Kevin gave a great lesson and we all are trying harder.

Pillow fight after FHE!!!  Really fun for the older people, but the youngers and I had to bail out early!  Why did I like those so much when I was little?

Halloween Monster Burgers!!!  Corbin loves to pick out Halloween things to cook from our Betty Crocker books.  We had Boo Bugs tonight for dinner (I still feel sick from them).  🙂 

Monster Burgers

8 thoughts on “#29 – Pillow Fights, Boating, Sinful Behavior :) and Dead Dogs”

  1. Can you believe it’s been 29 weeks in a row that you’ve done this?!?! I can’t! It is an in my face reminder that time keeps marching on, and it doesn’t stop to wait for you to document it. I MUST start again. Your family is just wonderful. Good luck in dominating the contention! (I find myself yelling that everyone should stop yelling and get a grip. Ummm….really?) have a great week!

    1. Cheri, you are the best! I hate doing it every week! I dread it and my feet are swollen after I am done. But the next morning it is so worth it! I used to LOVE reading yours, so yes, please please start again! 😉

      I have done that very thing with the stop yelling! 🙂 I guess it means your a real family just trying to move forward…. ?

      Hope your day is great! Love you!

    1. No, no, no!! It wasn’t Bentley! It was some random dog. Still sad though. I would have taken pictures if it was Bentley! 🙂 Love you girl!

  2. We sure miss you guys! We’re Oregonians at heart still. Sigh. We both left! Maybe someday we’ll all end up back there again!

  3. I love the monster burgers! What a great idea. I never do fun stuff like that. But,
    speaking of great ideas……I feel REALLY bad that we caused Bryson to be so introspective after his week at the lake, so we will just take him full time 🙂 Seriously, you’ve got 7 more; don’t be so greedy 🙂
    Love you ALL!

  4. Ha, ha Sandy!!! After all our hard work??? My poor body needs to keep them around just to show me why I move so slowly. 🙂 Borrowing is good, but I like him too much to let him go….. 🙂

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