Goal #27 – Brian Jones Accident, Relief Society Conference, Primary Program and Family Proclamation Finished!!!!

Brian Jones, Kevin’s brother died yesterday, September 24th.  He  was on the North Sister (a Mountain in Oregon, a really big mountain for you Alabamians).  He fell an estimated 500 feet in a rocky area.  Details are in this article:    http://www.registerguard.com/web/updates/26936335-46/rescue-mountain-officials-search-jones.html.csp     We are really sad for all family and friends.  I think we are still in shock and feeling very far away!  Thankfully, we were able to see the entire family this past summer.  WE LOVE YOU BRIAN!!!

Brian Jones and Aimee!
Love you Brian!
Asher, Brian and Dixon.

I decided to write this weeks blog now, because I don’t know what the week will bring.   😦


Corbin wanting his 13 year old trip with Dad to be either San Fransisco or LAS VEGAS.  We didn’t know he was hoping for that!  Where have we gone wrong?  😉

Bryson flirting with a Young Woman Leader thinking she was a young single adult!  He found out she was married on the way BACK from the temple!  Ha, ha!

Perfume letters to a boy in our home who will remain nameless!  The letter was cut out as a heart with lipstick marks!!!!  At least the contents were appropriate (he let me read it, I didn’t sneak).  🙂

Addy trying to translate Isaiah with a foil hat!  Nana and Papa Buzz (Jones) told her it works!  🙂  Very cute!

Addy translating Isaiah (obviously she isn't really in Isaiah)!


Corbin getting to go to Aviation Camp Graduation with a friend and a camp out with Scouts and Kevin.

Bryson going on a camp out to see a rare kind of “Bats flying out of cave” experience.  He went above the cave and then they flew right past him while hitting him all over!  He had to crouch down to protect himself!  The next day he moved on to a hike through a cave with a huge “head to toe mud fight”!  He loved it!  Thanks to the great leaders and their wives that support them!

Relief Society General Conference Broadcast!!!!  Need I say more?  Well yes!!!  First the stake did a “Modesty Matters” program with a dinner and fashion show too!  It was so well done!  The broadcast talks were amazing!  President Uchtdorf’s talk about the “Forget Me Not Flowers” was so special!  His testimony is still resounding with me!

PRIMARY PROGRAM!!!  This is one of my favorite days of the year!  The Primary children do a singing and reading program during Sacrament Meeting.  All the children were so precious!  I was smiling so big the entire time that my mouth hurt!  It was a nice distraction for Kevin I (we had just gotten the news about his brother).  I just kept wanting to go back to the Primary Program all day!

Being home with the 5 youngest kids Thursday and Friday night.  I loved how sweet they were and how slowly time went!  I really cherish my time with all my kids and husband.

Kevin reading to our sweet kids!  He had a few extra minutes on Saturday.  🙂 

I FINISHED MEMORIZING “THE FAMILY:  A PROCLAMATION TO THE WORLD”!!!!!  http://lds.org/family/proclamation?lang=eng     My poor little slips of paper barely made it through the humidity this summer.  I will miss them!  I taped it all back together each time I would memorize another sentence.  Memorizing this really has changed me!  I love the precious truths in this document and the gospel of Jesus Christ.  🙂

The Proclamation taped together!

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