Goal #26 – ROYCE LEARNS TO RIDE A BIKE (3 1/2 years old), Dances, Singing and 8 Kid Families


Family Home Evening activity gone bad!!  Kevin and I used to do this fun activity with our college friends called “Che Kole”  I thought it would be fun to do as a family.  This was a big failure!  We are all different sizes and I completely wiped out Royce!  We then made a family pyramid and everyone fell and cried!  It used to be fun to do this when they were smaller, but now they are  huge and the little ones on top flew to the ground!  Bad idea!

Becoming one with my car.  Have you ever noticed that when you have a car for a long time it feels like an extension of your body?  I’ve decided this is a little creepy.

Realizing how old I am getting!  Taking pictures at Bryson’s date’s house really hit me hard.  Not because he has grown up, but it brought back so many memories that I swear just happened a few years ago!

Taking Royce’s training wheels off too early.  He seemed so ready (our last 3 girls learned to ride their bikes when they were 3)!  He just keeps saying his bike is slippery!  🙂  ANNOUNCEMENT!!!  In the time that I wrote this blog Bryson taught Royce to ride his bike!!!  He even learned while holding his motorcycle in his hand!  He takes that motorcycle everywhere!  🙂  


Royce and his motorcycle!

Weening Royce off the IPAD.  He was starting to fill his play time with the IPAD (learning games), but he was begging for it all the time.  He had spent 10 minutes whining for it and I was holding my ground, then he said “But Mickey said to come back real soon”!!!  I almost gave it to him.  🙂


Bryson making his own decision to go on a set up date for Homecoming.  He really wanted the experience and boy did he get it.  His date was sweet and looked beautiful, but the dancing at the school was a new experience for him.  He did such a great job cleaning the car, ordering and picking up the corsage, buying his tie and getting money.  He even noticed the tire was low and filled it up on his own!  You just got to love your kids growing up (but then again I don’t)! 

Bryson said "We should make this our profile pictures Addy!" 😉

Kevin taking Hadley on her date (he takes a different daughter each week).  They went to Wendy’s to get a frosty and she even got a picture with Wendy herself!

Hadley and Wendy! 🙂

Tessa asked Kevin out to a picnic date for lunch!  She packed the entire thing and it was so cute!  They played Frisbee at the  park and it was a beautiful day!

Friday night Kevin and I went to the temple.  When we got back we were in a gitty mood and started playing 80’s music with the older kids.  Bryson was playing guitar to it and Kevin and I started dancing (crazy and slow).  Our kids were laughing so hard at us!  The best part was Kevin singing “Heaven Isn’t Too Far Away” to me!  I LOVED it!  I also found “True Companion” by Marc Cohn.  We loved this song when we got married!  Loved it!

Getting to hear Kevin speak!  Kevin is on the High Council for the Stake, so he is rarely at church with us.  When he speaks in other wards, I love to go hear him.  Our schedules rarely sync up, but it did this last Sunday and it was a great treat for me!  He came to our ward for the last hour and took Dixon so I could teach Relief Society.  Sunday was so great!

Spiritual Journal!  I realized I was doing OK with the blog, but not recording the wonderful spiritual things that happen daily for us.  So, I started doing that a couple of weeks ago and it has been a wonderful blessing!

8 kid family!  I was getting gas at Costco and a family behind me was counting our stickers.  They jumped out of their car and said “We have 8 kids too!”  We had a great visit.  They had triplets on their second pregnancy!  Ouch!

Stickers of our 8 kid family (on our car). 🙂

Me: “Hadley, are you enjoying the new Leap Frog DVD’s?”  HJ:  “Oh yes, you can get to ten in many different ways.”  🙂

Royce calling guitar picks “pickles”.  Asking Bryson “Are we gonna do pull ups?”.  Royce loves to work out with Bryson!

Addisen AndiLee Jones 15th BIRTHDAY!!!  She is beautiful and so grown up!  She got her permit!  Yippee, I think!  😉 


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