Goal #25 – September 11th, Father/Daughter Campout, Security Will Get Me!


Me shopping for Addy.  🙂 Addy made a wish list for her birthday and it had a purse on it.  I said  “I don’t think I should pick a purse out for you”, meaning I am not up on the styles.  Addy responded “Yah, I was kinda afraid of that!”.  Ouch, but true!!

Hadley not doing her chores!  Hadley only has 3 chores on Mon, Wed. and Friday, but she just can’t seem to remember to do them.  One night I swatted her bum (playfully) and told her to go do her chores.  Her response was “I wish you would just spank me really hard so it will hurt and then I wouldn’t have to do my chores”.  Whatever Hadley!  😉

Sending a horribly worded e-mail out to the entire Relief Society during Addy’s party.  I was just trying to get it done, then read it the next day and it was too late!  Arrrggghhh!

Me and security guards!  I am like a magnet!  Bryson and I were waiting in line (in our car) to get on Redstone Arsenal.  One of the guards waved the car in front of us over to another line, so I quickly pulled behind her.  They promptly told me to get back where I was.  😦  The guard asked if I really wanted to have my car searched?  I replied, “No, no really I’m ok!”.  Then they both started talking about how suspicious that made me.  I went on through the gate and thought… story of my life.


Talking with Michelle King about her Dad’s passing and living proxy through her huge family’s experiences!  This was such a treat for me!  I am so thankful for good examples!

Sealing Team!  We were on a Sealing Team in Portland (4 couples going to the temple and doing proxy sealings).  We decided we could do that here too.  It was such a great night with other couples at the temple.  🙂

We had a Cover School Picnic at Green Mountain Lake!  It was perfect and beautiful! 

Green Mountain

Father/Daughter Camp out!!!  Kevin took the four girls to Camp Hulaco and they had a blast.  They did the ropes course and zip line, Kevin and Hadley did a lot of races and won some and Tessa sang Butterfly Kisses to Kevin at the talent show.

Tessa in the Creek!
Merritt at Camp Hulaco

Bryson, Royce, Dixon and I (Corbin was at a friend’s house) got dinner and went to Dublin Park.  Bryson was so cute with Royce.  The weather was perfect and we played some Frisbee.  I was even sore from throwing so much, pretty sad huh?  Bryson tried to show me how to throw Ultimate like, he had a lot of good laughs at my expense.

Dinner at Dublin Park with my Dixon! He is so happy (except when his is not)! 🙂
Royce and Bryson at the park!

Addisen’s birthday party.  She had a great group of young women over and they were so fun.  Royce joined them on the trampoline and won them over.  🙂  In the morning he ran to the window hoping they were still out there.  It was so nice to meet all the great parents too.

Addy's party! 🙂

Finally starting to run into people we know (after 2 years!) at most of the places we go.

Celebrating September 11th!  I loved having this on a Sunday.  I had time to watch some great videos and really think about it all.  I loved reading about other people’s experiences on Facebook.  It’s all still so fresh in my mind, I’ll never forget.  We sang America the Beautiful at church and it was quite moving for me.

Tucking Royce in… “You are such a great boy Royster Jones.”  Royce “Hummmph, I know Mommy”.  Ahhh, the sweetness….

While carrying Hadley from our bed to her bed Hadley said “I could just stay in your arms forever, it feels so good!”.  I wish you could too my sweet Hadley.

Halloween decorations are up!  I think this works, or at least it works for my kids!  🙂  They now get everything out from the attic and set it all up themselves!  Gone are the laborious days of decorating.  They have been pestering me for weeks and I finally relented!  It feels so snuggy and cute!  We love the memories that come with the decorations.  I LOVE FALL!


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