Goal #24 – Hadley Strikes Again, Kelly Stays Home, Camping, Rafting and Boating!!


Grabbing the wrong slips of paper and memorizing part of the Family Proclamation out of order!  Ha, ha on me!

Crying when Kevin left with 6 of the kids for camping.  😦

Hadley’s quote:  “You know Dixon is really fat!  I think he might always be fat, I’m just not sure yet!”

Having food flicked on me in dinner!  I look up and see Hadley smirking.  Kevin asks her if she did it and she said “Well, I didn’t mean to actually hit Mom with it.”!  We all had to laugh!

Dixon having his 9 month check today.  2 shots!  😦  He is 25 lbs and holding.  I had a funny description of him today…. “As far as language goes, he seems to be on the late end of early and the front end of late.”  This meaning he is not as early as Addy and Hadley were, but is quick to repeat things and not as late as some of the other kids.

I could hold him forever! Just yummy!
That's my boy!
8 teeth later....


Neighbors over for Family Home Evening.

Rain and cooler temperatures since Sunday!!!!  Running in the rain is the best feeling ever!  Love the wetness on my face and the water dripping down my cheeks!

Bishopric Breakfast!  So yummy and fun volleyball and people after wards.

Bryson getting to go boating with the Munster’s.  They are an incredible family!  The mom described Bryson perfectly:  “He has such a sweet spirit with a wicked funny sense of humor!!!”  I am so thankful for other great people in this world!

Claire and Bryson

Getting to teach CTR 5 on Sunday!  The kids were so cute and I love teaching!  That age is just the best!

Sunday dinner!  After fasting I was wiped out!  The little girls started brushing my hair (I LOVE THIS!) and Bryson hopped on the piano playing Guess That Hymn.  We even had Kevin with us for the evening!  After all of us going different directions for the weekend, it was like a Thanksgiving holiday.  It felt so good to be around each other and have the piano playing.  I love my little family.  Maybe it just felt really good to have my hair brushed!!! 🙂

Having only the baby here while Bryson worked and Kevin took 6 kids camping/rafting!  It was a hard decision to stay, but some one had to stay with the crawling baby!  Been there, done that!  So stay I must!  At first I didn’t like it, but after about an hour I got used to things staying where I left them and how quiet it was.  I fully realize now that I spend most of my day picking things up and listening to other people.   It’s like I remembered who I used to be.  Funny part was that I still had two kids to drive and take care of but it felt like the house was empty and I was alone!  After a day, I started letting myself think of the things I would actually do if I lived alone.  This is a huge thing for me, I don’t let myself go “there” very often because I will just get frustrated with my situation and not appreciate what I have at my fingertips.  Soooo, I let myself do it for a day.  My list will follow, but what I know is that I WOULD NEVER SWITCH ALL THESE THINGS FOR HAVING MY KIDS AND HUSBAND AROUND ME ALL THE TIME!  I LOVE MY LIFE THE WAY IT IS!  🙂  It was just fun to think about it.

Things I would do:

Read, hike, put music together, play the piano, eat ice cream during the middle of the day, make a meal in 5 minutes, serve others more, travel (see more family), write notes to people, magnify my callings better, genealogy, Personal Progress, sew and make pretty things, frame more pictures, play with the dog, journal and write more, movies, garden, plant flowers and trees, yard work, clean, have a clean garage and cars, volunteer at a hospital and teach children there, go to the beach more, sit and think, surf, skim board, bike, roller blade, work out with weights, shop more frugally, love more often, go to the library for me, fountains, play tennis, basketball, and soccer, paint walls, make a clothes line, hang the laundry  outside to dry, concerts, make a list and finish it quickly, cry when I want to and not be noticed, watch more church Youtube videos, help more people with potty training (I love to potty train!) and home schooling, out with friends and game nights, be more romantic and take long walks!!!

I get to do a lot of these things, just not very often.  But I wouldn’t switch it for the world.  Ok, I just read the list and I can’t stop laughing at what an odd person I am!  Addy agrees with me fully!

Kevin and the other kids had a blast!!!  They drove 4 hours to North Carolina and camped and rafted with the Walker family.  Kevin did a great job with the kids and they all came home so happy!

Tessa and Katherine. 🙂
Jacob and Royce Kayaking!

2 thoughts on “Goal #24 – Hadley Strikes Again, Kelly Stays Home, Camping, Rafting and Boating!!”

  1. Someday your kids will look at your “what if” list and learn your desires which will help them know you even better…and how much they meant to you.

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