Goal #23 – Contacts, Bathrooms & Prayers


My 8th grade basketball coach dying (my Dad was the other coach).  😦  The world doesn’t seem right with out a Roger Cowart in it.  I wish I was in Oregon to go to the funeral.  Also, Michelle King’s Dad passing.  😦  Makes you think what life is really about…..  Lots of love to both families!

Menthol in my CONTACT!!  Long story short…  my contact fell out onto my cheek, I was on a time limit, so I used my spit to put it back in (only out of true desperation).  I had forgotten that I had just put a really minty piece of gum in my mouth!  It burned and was horrible for about a minute!!  Then I looked up and a guy I know was waving at me…. just my luck!  Chalk that up for a new experience in my life!!!

Sink holes in the front yard!  Alabama has random sink holes, I mean really deep random holes.  We had to fill two of them in the front yard before someone broke their leg off.

Kids starting to admit some of the things they did when they were little, uuugggghhhh!  Bryson confessed some of the competitions that were happening in the boys bathrooms in grade school….  Funny but I can’t believe it!  Feel free to call me if you want details.  🙂


Getting to the library after 2 months (because of our trip).  We pulled in the driveway and Tessa said “I’m going to run inside and read forever!”  Hadley  “I’m so excited about all my books, yippee, I just can’t wait!!!”

Kevin replacing our toilet!!  He’s the man!!!

It even is energy efficient.

Reorganizing food storage shelves.  This should be constant but it has taken me since April to line everything up again and see what we need to replace!

Merritt getting a dinner date with Kevin and I (code word for “The Talk”).  She was as sweet as pie, making for a wonderful experience.  The girls get monthly dates with Kevin so this was fun for me to go.  🙂 

Sleeping in one morning!  Extremely peaceful!

Church Emergency Fair.  So fun to take the kids to all the fun emergency vehicles. 

Royce and Corbin in an Ambulance.

Fun date/game night with Collins and Fritzsches!  Came home to play games and the house was cleaned up from dinner and kids were bathed.  Love how helpful my olders are!

During Sacrament Meeting at church I was hearing a song being hummed.  I finally figured out Tessa was humming “Count Your Blessings” during a quiet part of the meeting.  I got her attention, she looked at me with a questioning look….  She had no idea she was doing it.  🙂  So cute!

I was picking up toys AGAIN in the playroom.  I realized that I don’t mind it that much because it means my little kids are playing a lot.  At least they use what we have or why have it!

Home school group starting again!  It was so fun to have a gazillion kids here and their great moms (plus one dad).  🙂  The classes went great and I am so thankful to know these great ladies.

I probably won’t word this right, but I have to put it on here.  I was at a meeting this week and a friend of mine was introducing herself and her baby whom needs to have surgery next week.  The roomful of women suddenly got up and wanted to pray for her.  I thought, wow that is so sweet to stop everything and pray.  The next thing I knew they all gathered around her and put their hands on her to pray.  At first I thought it was interesting, but then I had to open my eyes to help Dixon and I saw all these great ladies truly showing her their love.  It was a true Southern Experience for me!


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