Goal #22- Young Kevin, Hadley Toots and Kelly’s Flabby Arms!


Cedric!  Kevin brought little presents home from San Fransisco and one was this ugly little Cookie Monster thing for Dixon.  He made it his chew toy and has been dragging it all over the house.  The toy is so weird that Bryson named it Cedric….

Cedric! Ahhhh!
He won't let me take a normal picture of him.  Ug.
He won't let me take a normal picture of him. Ugh.

Kevin keeps being told that he looks like he is in his late 20’s!  The other day some one asked him if he was still in school!!!!  I asked him if he told them he has eight kids and he said he didn’t want to embarrass them.  By the way, this is only something that didn’t work for me (works for Kevin) because after eight babies I look older than my years.  I guess I’ll have to dye my gray hair this year when I turn 40, or it will be, as Kevin calls it “The Curious Life of Kevin Jones” (not Benjamin Button).

Dixon finding the front staircase!  I have purposely tried to not let him notice them, but now that he found them, he races for them!  He laughs the entire way up!  So cute, but so crazy! 

Royce not liking to get his hair cut!!  The video will tell it all!  So sad! 

Kids loving my flabby arms!  I’ve been really working on the kids not saying people are fat.  So, in church Hadley beat around the bush as she rubbed my arms:  “Your arms are so, so, so long and have puffy skin and it’s so big, but I’m not calling you fat!”  We were playing games the other night and Kevin got all excited and started kneading my arms like bread dough!  This is a wonderful stage!

Hadley toots!  We had a Cutco demonstrator here yesterday.  During a silence, Hadley did a loud toot!  It was horribly funny!  I sent her to her room and was so embarrassed.  She later told me she had been holding it for a really long time.  We talked about how we need to do that in another room….  🙂  Tonight I was laughing with her about it and she said “I better not do that again or I might not get any presents from Santa”  Just so you know, I don’t use that as a threat, so this is all in her head.  Then she said “It’s funny, when ever I am bad I still get presents from Santa”.  She followed this with her wicked but wonderful little cackle.  Ohhhh, Hadley!!!!

That's our Hadley! 🙂


We started school last week on August 15th.  The week went surprisingly great!  I usually dislike the first week as we try to get into the groove of things, but I just lowered my expectations  and it all seemed great!  I’ve decided this is the best way for me to be happy… “Lower expectations and then everything goes well!”  Pretty sad, huh?  🙂

Making great friends in the Home School group we have!  These ladies are really amazing people, I just love them!

Dublin Park dinner while Kevin was out of town.  Helped us not miss him so much and it was a wonderful evening out.  The kids had so much fun playing at the park.

Dixon and his Addy! 🙂
Dixon loved the swings!

Swimming again now that we are back in the warm air!

Kung Fu Panda at the $1.00 Theater!  Love the price and it’s so fun!

$1.00 Theater!

Corbin has been best buds with Royce these last few weeks!  Bryson had been working a lot, so Corbin became his man!  Corbin is so amazing with him, and it’s very cute!  For the record, Addy is his girl!  🙂

Royce getting to ride the lawnmower with Kevin!!!

All my kids tucked tightly in their beds!  This is one of my favorite feelings each night.  I just love being home and that wonderful feeling that all is right in our house (at least until we wake up!).  Love my hubby and kiddies!


2 thoughts on “Goal #22- Young Kevin, Hadley Toots and Kelly’s Flabby Arms!”

  1. Kelly, I love reading your blog entries. But the one about lowered expectations made me laugh. Just ask my mom or Celina and they’ll attest to the fact that my motto for years has been, “Lowered expectations equals fewer frustrations!” Not that we’re shooting for mediocrity, just reality. Keep up your good work.

    1. Thanks Lanae! Reality is a good way to put it! Still wish we could have crossed roads in Oregon, maybe someday! Have fun with those great kids of yours!

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