Goal #18, 19, 20, 21 OREGON for 3 1/2 WEEKS!!!!!

I had lofty ideals to post these last 4 weeks individually, but alas…. it won’t be happening.  🙂  I would love to go into great detail about every visit we had with family and friends but time will not permit me to do it.  Sooooo, this will have to sum it up.  🙂


Too many people and too much luggage to fit in one car to the airport.

Good bye Portland! 😦

Our wonderful neighbors got up VERY early and took us in their car too!  Love them!!

Three cars to get home from the Portland Airport!  Thanks Mom, Dad and Stan!

A three year old that thinks “Dixon is only my Bruver!”.  Uncle Justin had to run with this and get him all confused about him being my brother and his uncle.  It really stressed Royce out, but made us all laugh.  🙂

My heart breaking as I wanted to stay at each visit with the people I love so much!  It was really hard to have a baby and have to leave because my baby needed it.  Each year will get better from here on out…..

TRAFFIC!!!  We never did conquer leaving early enough to fight traffic everywhere.

Bryson not having a car to drive!  This was really hard to go back to having to take the kids everywhere.  Also, he couldn’t drive on his dates, big bummer.

Driving back from a day trip in Eugene!  This was torture.  It would have been worse to try to sleep somewhere with the kids up all night, but construction added an extra hour of screaming little ones and fighting older children.  Not fun!

Royce loving s’mores so much that he forgot to go  to the bathroom and peed his pants.  We didn’t even notice until he was walking like a penguin and saying he was “Happy Feet”.  🙂

Waking up and not knowing where I am!  I run the wrong direction when a child wakes up!

Forgetting to take pictures at most of my friends houses!  I was enjoying myself so much I forgot.  I only remembered in Eugene, and at the Anderson’s, Nielsen’s

Dixon at the Andersen's home!
Rides at the Andersen's! So fun!

and Byington’s!  Uggggh!!   (For more photos, go here.)

At the Nielsen's

We will post thorough pictures on Face book.  These pictures are only from my phone.


Awesome people taking care of our house and animals!

Sleeping all over my parents house!  The kids even slept outside in the tent!  So cute and great memories!  I love all the memories my kids will have of my parents home.  🙂

Zoo, max ride, swimming, 4 wheeling,

Love the Portland Zoo!
Lorikeets at the zoo. 🙂 Royce was very scared!

Justin coming over with the kids,

Chelsea and Justin on Justin's birthday!

Chelsea at the house a lot, sneaking away to Mutual and seeing Michelle King and Jenn Hough for the first time!  Felt soooo good!

The fam

RUNNING in the fresh Oregon air!  Sleeping with the windows open.  Wearing sweatshirts!!!  We could have taken a picture of the beautiful landscape right out our bedroom window!  Bryson and I both loved letting our protection walls down (towards bugs).  We would feel something on our skin and not have to worry about it being poisonous!

Borrowing the Fernstrom’s van and the McCullough’s van for the Fernstroms!  We can never thank them enough!  They saved us $2500!!!

Drive to the beach. Could this be more beautiful?!!!

Dinner with so many families that we LOVE!  First of all it’s hard to have 10 people over for dinner, but we left every house feeling on top of the world and a little teary knowing we won’t all be back for awhile.  It’s truly a blessed thing to leave someones home a better person than when you arrived!  We love you all so much!

Beaverton Farmers Market!  Fountains, incredibly fresh food, old memories and beautiful weather.

Gotta love the Farmer's Market!

Sneaking to the Cheney’s house to take pictures of the kids before their Youth Conference Dance!  So fun and cute!

Going to the Dance!

LOVED going to church at our old ward!  I can’t even describe the feeling I have for everyone!  I was in tears the next day as I thought of the outpouring of love I felt.  Being picked up and swung around by people has got to be the best feeling ever!  I imagine Heaven to feel like that, only with all the people I have loved over my life in one place!  🙂

Visiting many parks and enjoying the low 70 degree weather.

Bryson’s dates!  So fun (and scary) to watch him drive away in Pres. Dalton’s car!

Bryson and Pres. Dalton. 🙂

They have had an agreement since he was around 11 years old that if he followed the brethren of the church then Bryson could take a girl out on a date with his nice car.  THANKFULLY, the car was returned in one piece!

Bryson, Maddie Peterson, Mica Cheney and Micheal Brandt.

Seeing the movie 17 Miracles.

Slip n’Slide!

Girls Night!!!  Need I say more….  🙂

Visit to Eugene to see family!  It was so fun to see everyone’s kids and how they have grown!  Wish we had more time to visit with others, but our little one’s wouldn’t have lasted.

Cousins Royce and Asher - Too Cute!
Kieren, Tessa, Addy and Ariana!
Lindy Stockwell! 🙂
Connor and Bryson
Aubree and Uncle Brian
Beautiful Aunt Vicki, Malana (sp), Sierra and Haley.
Brian Jones and Aimee!
Older kids at the temple.

NESKOWIN OREGON!!!  I have gone to this beach every summer since I was a little girl, except for last year.  Kevin drove into town honking the horn, we were sooo excited to get there!  It was sooo beautiful and perfect to be with family!  We even got to see Celeste McEntee and surf with the McCulloughs and Cassandra Gonzales.  Perfect week!!!


Made me laugh!
Love my boy!

Climbing the sand dune, running, old smells, skim boarding, bonfire, s’mores, family games, sunsets, seashells, Addy and Chelsea pictures!   Addy's cousin Chelsea.  She is 20 and we love her!Time with Michele (Justin’s girlfriend), Chelsea, Shelbi and Jake! Walking up and down each and every street and reminiscing, church, awesome sabbath day watching Youtube Mormon Messages. We randomly ran into our friends the Joslins from when we were first married at church!  It was so neat to see them and their family.  We also ran into Bro. Kerr.  🙂

Kevin and Dad
Conquer The Dune
Gorgeous day at the beach!

Going to the Dermatologist in Oregon.  I have had a Basel Cell Carcinoma before, so I needed another head to toe check.  They removed a couple things and everything was benign!!!!  Yippee!  I couldn’t get into the Dermatologist in Alabama until December!

TEMPLE!  One of the highlights of our trip was getting to go to the Portland Temple.  Kevin got to take the three older kids on another morning and Corbin even got to help finish cleaning the temple on Monday.  Kevin and I took the little kids around the temple on another day.  We LOVE the temple and I randomly got to sit next to Sandy Bennion during a session.  A wonderful treat for me. 🙂

Loved my date with my wonderful husband!
Tessa, Merritt and Hadley in at the Portland Temple. 🙂

Portland Rose Gardens!!!  Perfect day!  My Mom was so happy to get there (she thought she might not ever make it again).  🙂 

Going to Ann Byington’s house outside of Salem.  A fun trip and a wonderful visit!

Love you Ann! Wish I had remembered this with the other great friends we visited.

Chelsea staying at my Mom and Dad’s house after getting her wisdom teeth out.  So fun to get to see her a lot right before we left.  I really, really loved getting to see my brother and his kids so much.  He made a huge effort to come over from Gresham as much as time would permit.  We loved our time with my Mom and Dad too.  My Mom is recovering really well and my parents amazed me by handling us so well. I am very thankful for them.

Cousin Chelsea, Hadley and Royce.

Dinner that last night left me very teary but I put up my happy wall and moved on…..

EFY!!!!  Addy and Bryson got to go to “EFY (Especially For Youth) stay at home” the last week we were there.  It was so fun for them to attend with amazing friends and be so spiritually uplifted.  They would come home each night (or go to a friends house).  They each grew up a lot (some of you know what I mean by this….!!!!).

Bryson saying goodbye to Emma Fox. 🙂

A picture can say a million words….

Last morning breakfast with Chels, Mom and Dad and then we flew out.  Flight home was perfect and our wonderful neighbors came at 11:30 pm to pick us up!  Still loving them!  The kids did great on the planes and I loved having so much time with them.  Kevin then flew back out to California 12 hours later!  Best husband in the world to get us home and then fly right back.

Vacations are wonderful things!  My cup runneth over!  I feel all filled up and ready to roll.  I love being home and Alabama is so beautiful too!  The weather has been perfect this week and we are all caught up.  I love many people in many places.  🙂  Missing my sweet husband…..

Oregon Trip