Goal #17 – Lumpy Heads, Lawnmowers, Youth Conference and Blessings!


Bryson being directionally challenged!  He was supposed to be home by 10:30 pm on Saturday but didn’t get home until midnight.  Of course, he got lost a couple times and I’m thinking how many times I used that excuse with my parents.  So, we checked it all out and as far as we can tell he really needs a GPS (but then he might crash!!!).  He has always had this problem and he kept calling us to let us know he would be a little later….. hmmmm.

My kids hitting their heads on things, all the time!  Dixon is doing it every 5 minutes, but the rest of them are too.  I didn’t notice how much it really happens until we were at dinner at someone’s house and Royce hit his head, then Tessa came in with a huge lump having run into Merritt while they were rolling down a hill, then Dixon hit his head a couple times.  The poor families watching us!  🙂 

Sickness!  We had a horrible stomach sickness go through us last week!  It brought back the nausea that I felt all last year and I just wanted to cry!!!  Thankfully it was a pretty quick one.

Getting ready for a trip!  This really doesn’t work for us. We are maxed out just with regular life, so adding on a long trip is scary.  Although, it has gone really smoothly (maybe getting ready for the last 2 months has been the key or was it letting them watch TV some of the time?!).  I get so excited to go somewhere, but I miss my home that I am leaving too!  My heart really belongs to many people and places…..

Kevin driving our new lawnmower, he is crazy!!  Our old lawnmowers have been exhausted for awhile and can’t be fixed anymore, so we finally bought a used little riding lawnmower.  Our lawn was getting really high and we were desperate… 


Finally reached my pre-pregnancy weight!  Not that the shape of my body will ever catch up!!!  Maybe in another year….

Addy and Bryson went to Youth Conference and had a blast!  Bryson even asked Addy to dance (she was loving it).  🙂  It sure was quiet and easy with just 6 kids and not having to drive them to all their things, but I would hate to have it be permanent. 

Hadley and Merritt losing the same tooth at the same time!  🙂  So cute! 

Royce:  “Go OUT!”  Me:  “Let’s talk nicely Roycey.”  Royce:  “GO OUT, PLEASE!”  Me:  “Royce?”  Royce:  “I did, I said please.”  🙂

Royce has been using Kevin’s Ipad to do school things.  His latest craze is to do an interactive story about a tornado.  He gets to spin the tornado and move buildings, etc.  He LOVES it!  I’ve decided that it must be therapy after the storms, if he can control them, then he won’t be so scared of them.  🙂  I think these kids neurons are hooking up differently…..  to watch his little fingers moving all over the screen, it’s truly amazing at age 3.  Royce does things better than me on the screen!

Royce thinks my parents live in Destin, Florida.  He hasn’t been back to Oregon since he was one and half, so he has only seen them here or in Florida.  He thinks we are going to their house with the golf carts.  He is so excited for those golf carts!  Hopefully, this trip will help him understand.  🙂

Bryson’s Patriarchal Blessing!  Sunday Patriarch Mayfield gave him his blessing.  I knew it would be neat but I was blown away by this special spiritual experience.  It’s amazing when you know deep down inside that your children are going to go way beyond you.  I still get tears in my eyes when I think about it.   This was the highlight of my month!


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