Goal #16 – Dirty Baby, Bryson’s First Date, Baskin & Robbins and Waxing!


Trying to add things to the blog that I had dreamed the night before.  All morning I kept thinking my dreams really happened (you know that feeling?), they were so funny that I wanted to include them in the blog.  Too bad my dreams are not reality.

Dixon crawling!  Things Dixon (my once clean baby) had eaten by 9:00 am Thursday morning:  Dog food (twice, but promptly threw it up), egg shells (still not sure how he found those), the edge of the bathroom scale and my hair that falls out (post pregnancy shedding)!  Soooo, gross!!! 

Tessa trying to not talk for 24 hours.  🙂  Addy said she would pay her $5.00 if she would not talk for a day, I think she lasted a couple hours after starting over a number of times.

Tessa filming with the iphone flipped around (it has a function to do this). 

WAXING EYEBROWS IN A HURRY!!!!  This may be more information than you want, but I am still laughing at myself….  I had plugged the waxing stuff in and it somehow was on high, so the wax was really hot and and too thin.  I was in a huge hurry but didn’t want to leave it there until the evening.  Bryson had lost his keys at work (needing me to go all the way to the arsenal right before dinner) and I had to pick up the dog from the groomers, etc.  So, I decided to use the hot, hot wax anyways.  To sum it up, I burned my forehead, wax dripped down my nose into the sink and I had to wax my nose hairs to get it out (not by choice!).  It was extremely painful.  I guess my nose hairs were bugging me anyways!  Ha!  It was a huge mess! 

Never take Ambien with orange rub-on suntan lotion in the house!  I didn’t even know what Ambien was, but it’s a sleeping pill.  My friend took some and woke up orange in the morning!  Soooo funny!  I guess people sleep eat on it and do the strangest things.  Thankfully, I don’t have any problem sleeping at  night!


Bryson going on his first date!  We were introduced to the young lady while we were at dinner with our friends.  I forgot to take a picture so Kevin and I chased after them at Bridgestreet!  Kevin was limping on purpose and I almost peed my pants, we were laughing so hard (not appreciated by Bryson, he thinks it’s funny now though). 

Speakers in our bathroom!  Kevin surprised me with hooking up some old speakers and using a wireless router to play music off our phones.  I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from!  Best bath ever!

Kevin and I got to go running together on Monday.  It was like having a date in the morning!  So fun, minus how he speeds up as he hits the hills!  🙂

Double Scoop Ice Cream from Baskin and Robbins!!!!  Need I same more about the “Everything in the world being right at that moment!!!”? 

Being stranded without a car this week was a great thing (Bryson took it to work).  I got to be with the kids a little more and slow down.  I even had time to do some word cards with Royce, the things he said were really funny.  Here is a sample: 

We are off to Oregon next week for three and a half weeks!!!  Crazy getting ready, but we can’t wait!


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