Goal #15 – Hadley Ironing, Bryson singing, Kevin Diving and a Bike Ride

Funny thing is that I looked at my list of things to write and I swear it was from a month ago.  Time is all messed up for me!  🙂


Finally getting family pictures up!  The baby already looks different, so I have to do a new one.  We are not good at staying updated, the last pictures were from 3 years ago!!!  We take a lot of pictures, it’s just so hard to get them on the wall.  It’s a huge paradox for me….. I have always imagined what my life would be like and now I have is so great, but I can’t keep up with it.  I imagined a wall with all my kids pictures going up the stairs, but it took 6 months before Dixon even got on it!  🙂

Hadley ironing!!!  She is 6 but thinks she it 15.  She wanted to iron her dress for church on Saturday night (we do all the ironing the night before in an attempt to have Sunday go smoothly).  Her attitude was so confident (huge lack of skill), after trying to teach her, I could either take over and do it right or just let her bask in her glory.  I chose the latter and then the iron fairy came in the middle of the night….. 🙂

Running my killer run (I normally only can handle it once a week) 3 times because it has the most shade.  This was in exchange for 40 minutes of extra sleep.  I hope to get up early instead this week.

Using twigs from the yard to try to hold the crib together (the one we bought new for Bryson 17 years ago).  As soon as Dixon stands up the entire crib is going to fall down.  Kevin has assured me he will have real screws in by then…..  Hmmm…. Just trying to finish it off and not have to buy a new one on our last baby…..


Bryson singing “The Way You Look Tonight” at the top of his lungs while unloading the dishes.  This is one of my favorite songs.  I tried to film him but I didn’t get it in time.  Made my night!

Kevin diving with the kids at the pool.  He used to dive in high school, so it’s really cool to see him do it. 

Most of us were doing some yard work in the evening (I don’t usually help, but it was a very pleasant evening), then I put the baby to bed while Kevin took the rest of them on a bike ride.  They loved it.  We used to do bike rides all summer long in Oregon, but we don’t have enough working bikes anymore and there really isn’t anywhere to ride but our little neighborhood.  It’s not like Oregon where there are paths right in our neighborhood.

Last week was the first time I felt “caught up” since April.  Caught up for me, presently means, there is nothing urgent to be done.

We had a wonderful 4th of July!  We got things done around the house and then went to our wonderful friends home.  It was beautiful!  Kids running with friends in the country, swimming, yummy food, fireworks and great people. I love our country!

Best picture I could get in the dark! 🙂

Loving my time with just my little kids (Bryson is here a little).  The house is quieter, things are easier and less messy, but I really miss Corbin and Addy.  I’d rather have a houseful of great kids with the mess than not.  I’m sure they are having a great time at their camps.

Tessa was trying to whistle to a song but kept smiling at the same time, she said “My whistle broke!”.

Royce learned to move his eyebrows up and down while he says things.  It’s so cute. 

My Aunt and parents sent me two big boxes of treasures from my Grandma and Great-Grandmother.  The girls and I had so much fun pulling each thing out.  I teared up as I smelled the delicate towels, reminding me of my Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  The girls had a special tea party today with some of the things.  Tessa set up the entire thing!  It was just charming.  Love my girls and Mr. Royce the token gentleman.  I was even invited.  🙂 


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