Goal #14 – Josh McCullough visits!!! Bro. Tessa and Songs


Tessa and Hadley sleeping in my bed!  I have a tradition that when Kevin is gone on a business trip, I let the 3 girls rotate sleeping with me.  Tessa and Hadley are crazy sleepers!  They literally push me off my king size bed with their feet and suddenly start talking in full sentences throughout the night.  So much for a good night sleep.  Now Merritt on the other hand sleeps like an angel, she doesn’t even move or make a sound.  Isn’t it weird how differently everyone sleeps (I happen to sleep like Hadley and Tessa!).  😉

Driving all week to Speech camp!  I highly dislike driving all over town……

Kevin being out of town…. it’s always good to realize how much you cherish someone, but I still like him to be in town (the week was so busy and went by so quickly that I didn’t really get too much time to miss him though, mainly when I go to bed).  So glad he is back with us, he is just the greatest, I love his bones!!!

Baby getting 4 teeth within a week.  Dixon got his fangs first!  Corbin and Papa Buzz did the same thing.  It’s so funny looking.  His top front teeth came in with in 5 days though.  All this equals a lot of fussing.


CLEANED HUGE PLAY ROOM OUT!  I consider this as working only after it’s done, because it really does not work to clean anything out when you have 8 kids and a horribly busy week!

Someone called Kevin “Brother Tessa”.  They look so much alike.  🙂

Brother Tessa

Bryson said he listened to a song by Brad Paisley that reminded him of Kevin and I.  It was about making out in public and not caring if anyone watches, etc.  I guess I’m glad he knows we really love each other.  🙂

JOSH MCCULLOUGH has been here all week!!!!  This has been a super treat for us and especially Bryson.  Josh is the youngest of 5 kids, so enduring our home and being the oldest of seven younger kids was probably shocking.  He couldn’t have been better!  Kudos to Bev and Wes for raising the greatest kid!  Some funnies from this week…..  Josh did Bryson’s chores while Bryson was at work.  It was good for us to realize how many little rules the kids had added on to a normal chore.  Looking at ourselves from the outside really made us realize how weird we can be.  Josh forgot a lot of his church attire, so he had to wear Kevin’s dress shoes to church!  Way too big!  We played Cranium and went swimming.    Dinner was a new experience for him (very loud).  He had to sit VERY close to us in the car that we don’t fit in,  smack in the middle front seat…..  3 year old children don’t have a clue what their hands are touching, so Josh had to get used to Royce being all over him.  But he was throwing him around by the end of the week.  He colored with the kids and let them do his hair,  had his 15th birthday here and endured our traditions.  Josh is such a great teenager…. he even turned down the volume on a song that has a swear word!  Love him!!!  Moral of the story…. send your kids to us, we would love to have them!!!  🙂


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