Goal # 13 – Spiderman, Baptism, Holding Your Breathe and PDA!


Spiderman dying.  We bought a special ice thingy for when Royce gets hurt.  He became obsessed with running to get it every time anyone even said ouch.  It was soooo cute, until it started to leak and had to be thrown away.  Royce now is trying to cope with the trauma…. 

Telling kids to “Hold your breathe”  when they were being sassy or obnoxious.  It was so perfect the first few times because they had no idea why I would say that and it would distract them (that’s all it takes for a teenager!).  Buuuuut, then they started using it on me.  It was sort of funny, but not really!  🙂

Hording children!  No, not me (I’m not hording children, not really!).  🙂  I cleaned out Hadley and Merritt’s room and they had stuffed every inch of space possible with “stuff” (that wasn’t visible to my scanning eye).  I had to do it when they were gone!  I took so many bags out to the trash.  Yippee.  I love going in their room now.  🙂

Soft bed for Kevin (more to follow on the it worked side).  🙂


I “played” school with the three little girls and Royce.  They set it all up and I was the teacher.  It was so fun to do it just like Little House on the Prairie (including sending them to the corner). 

Jumping off the diving boards for the first time in a long time!  It was actually thrilling for me and I screamed a little (the high dive is a little scary).  I did it during adult swim so the kids had to stay off of me while I went crazy.  🙂 

Bryson now has an entirely new personality (some of the time).  We call it the life guard mode.  He gets really responsible and helps people be safe (this was not normal for him previously).  He even has a lifeguard tone of voice (very adult like).  The best part is that during youth group swims, he has to break up couples that are displaying PDA.  Ha!  He learned that if you blow your whistle really loudly and yell in front of everyone the couple will finally stop.  Isn’t this great?  He is already like a parent.

Soft BED!!!  Before I got pregnant last year we finally purchased a new bed (our other one was 16 years old and horrible).  I don’t get hardly any headaches now and I can barely get out of bed in the morning because it is so divine!  The kids all love it too!  Poor Kevin hates it.  He wakes up sore from it and we just don’t know what to do.  The sleep number bed didn’t work (not soft enough for me!).  This is a perplexing situation…. is this why married people had twin beds in the old movies or was it another reason?  🙂

Merritt’s Baptism!  It was so special for our family.  Wonderful friends and neighbors showed up to support her.  I wish we could have that evening over again.  Our family participated and there were some wonderful “Mommy Moments”.

What's up with Dixon's diaper? It's really hard to get everyone just right... AJ has a fat lip from Kevin. 🙂

Congratulations Merritt, my sweet girl.  We also took some pictures of her that mimicked a painting that I got when she was 3 or 4 years old.  I’ve been waiting to take this since then and it was so sweet.  🙂     

I wish I cold put all the things that really happen on here, but it wouldn’t be appropriate!  I just have to say that my teenagers make me laugh way too much!


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