Goal #12 – Spit Up, Superman, Gardens and My Southern Experience


Baby spitting up!  ALL of our babies have been huge spit up babies, whether I breast feed them or formula feed them.  I am completely used to it and the smell is almost sweet to me (just because it represents my babies).  Kevin is finally losing it, after all these years.  He put on a newly dry cleaned shirt and the baby immediately covered it.  His suits at church are covered within minutes.  It’s kind of humorous to me, but not to him.  🙂  His quote for himself this week was “It’s only a phase, Kevin, it’s only a phase!”.

Kids taking short cuts on chores!  We had the Sister Missionaries over on Monday night to teach a sweet lesson to Merritt for her Baptism.  I listed off all my disclaimers about the chaos and mess that was about to occur.  I knew the playroom was a mess (we clean it up 3 times a day, but it’s still a mess!), so I told the kids to clean up dinner and shut the doors to the playroom.   What is the first thing the missionaries want to do, but show us a Mormon Message on the DVD player, IN THE PLAYROOM!  So, I creep in to shove everything out of the way and what do I see, but it is in perfect order!  Yippee!  Lov’in the kids right about now…. then I move the stuffed dog and find a huge pile of dirt from whomever swept in there.  Our guilty Hadley (6) smiles really big and said “I did it, I couldn’t find the dustpan in time!”.  It was so cute but very typical of my kids.

Royce jumping on the couch.  Me:  “Roycey, you probably shouldn’t jump on the couch.”  Royce:  “Oh, but I have to!  I’m flying like Superman, ya know?”  How am I supposed to enforce that?!!!

It took a picture of Dixon for me to realize that he has grown out of his car seat at only 6 months old!  I didn’t even notice every time I put him in….. His head is higher than the top of the seat!


Tomato pots!  I am a wanna be gardener.  I think I want to have a garden every year, but I fail when I do.  So, I gave up on it a couple of babies ago….  I gave into four tomato pots instead.  It’s been great!

After years of a zillion types of punishments, I finally realized that we have settled into a great technique for our family.  Kevin and I keep a list of extra chores in our heads and hand them out to whomever is having a hard time being nice that day.  The work completely changes their attitude and we get things done around the house!  Win/Win!  🙂

“The art of letting go!”  John Lund has quoted that raising teenagers is the art of letting go.  I always thought that would be so easy (I have much better things to do than smother my kids!).  Buuuuut, I have been so used to Bryson asking us to do everything and me helping him decide, that this is harder than I thought.  The night before his first day at work (starting at 11:30 am) he wanted to travel a bit and go rock climbing, figuring he would make it back just in time to go to work.  Ahhhh!  I told him no way and explained why.  After a while, Kevin helped me realize he needed to decide for himself and if he messed up this great job, he would have to deal with that.  It was so hard to let it go….. thankfully he decided not to go (I’m sure the car would have gotten a flat tire!).  🙂

Bryson’s first week of working!  I know it’s life guarding, but he was so exhausted that he fell sound asleep on the way home.  🙂

Royce was using the big scissors and kept saying “Big owie.”,then he looked at the little scissors and said “Little owie?”. Also, Royce said this about Dixon “He has two toofsess and he is my bruver and I love him, he loves me too!”  So cute!

Temple session without electricity!  It was so cool to arrive at the temple and have the electricity out from a storm.  They had enough energy from a generator that they could run the session with minimal lights.  I’ll remember that one!  🙂

My Southern Experience!  Here are few things that happened this week:  We saw this sign for the Piggly Wiggly.  Haven’t you always wanted to follow the Piggly Wiggly truck?  When I left the grocery store the checker told me to have a blessed day.  Love it!  We went to a Baptist church “Live Out Loud” for youth.  It’s so neat to see another church’s way to worship.  While running I finally figured out why everyone has sticks or golf clubs with them as they exercise….  There are so many dogs on the loose!  They come at you full speed and it’s really scary.  Here is the big one…..  It took me a year and a half to finally figure out that the Mom and the rest of the kids are assumed to stay at birthday parties.  I had noticed that people were always clarifying this on the invitations they sent, but this week I had a party for some of my girls and all the Moms were asking if it was ok if they left.  Huh, of course it is….  In Oregon it was the other way around.  Moms would ask if it was ok if they stayed.  It’s really neat to be exposed to different ways of doing things!  🙂


2 thoughts on “Goal #12 – Spit Up, Superman, Gardens and My Southern Experience”

  1. I smiled and laughed all the way through. Loved it. And Dixon is GIANT! What the? My kids were always too tiny to transition out at a year!

    You’re SO great! And Brysonb – congratulations on your new job!

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