Goal #11 Fat Legs, Bunnies, Flying Bottle Caps and Allowances

It has been a perfect week!!!  I’m loving the heat (not pregnant and sick this year) and the kids are so great to be with.  🙂  Here it goes…..


Dixon waking up last week a number of times every night!  I have been so spoiled by him sleeping through the night, so this was exhausting.  He would get his FAT LEGS stuck in the bars of the crib and then he couldn’t roll over.  He was literally hanging out of the crib each time.  Ahhhh!  We finally stuck a crib bumper half way tucked in the mattress and it worked!  He is back to sleeping 14 hours straight!  🙂

Our first thumbsucker and his wonderful Daddy! 🙂

Wild baby bunnies, born in a hole in the back yard!  Tessa and I were watching these cute little bunnies hop around the yard, then someone let Bentley (the dog) out and we watched her chase them all over (they are really fast!).  Then we noticed Bentley was eating something that was moving, BABY BUNNIES (we think)!  They didn’t have any hair and were not very cute.  We felt so badly for them, so we moved them outside of Bentley’s reach.  They were gone the next morning.  I’m sure the Mommy and Daddy bunnies took them to a better place (Bryson said the snakes must have eaten them).  😦

Bunnies, we think? 🙂

During church (Sacrament meeting) I was taking the lid off a bottle and it flew right over 3 people’s heads!  It was so funny and I couldn’t stop laughing.  The people behind us had a good chuckle too.  I used to have this kind of stuff happen to me all the time in Oregon (excessively throwing up spaghetti all over the Temple bathrooms while 8 months pregnant, holding another man’s hand thinking it was Kevin, water spilling down the carpet and forming a puddle for a 3 year old to jump in during Sacrament meeting)  but since we have moved here, there has been a lull……


Dixon turned 6 months old yesterday!  I can’t imagine life without him!  He is rocking back and forth on all 4’s and so cute and fun.

Addy takes the greatest pictures! 🙂


Merritt’s Baptism interview was so fun to go to.  She is such a great girl!

Early to bed, Early to rise works really well when it’s EXTREMELY hot and humid outside.  I have to get up at 5:40 am to go running or I’ll die from heat stroke.  🙂

School in the mornings (shortened, we do it mainly for a little structure), then swimming, etc, in the afternoons.  I remember how I used to hate summers when the kids got out of school.  I would spend most the summer retraining the kids and then they would go back to school.  Now we are just laid back and take each day one at a time.  I am really enjoying getting to be with the kids (most of the time).  🙂  It could just be good because I don’t have to take them everywhere with me (3 babysitters).  Just in case you are not in Alabama… the school year goes from mid-August to mid-May here.

Babysitting age children and a DRIVERS LICENSE (Bryson’s)!  I just can’t say enough for how great this is!

Fasting (going without food and water for two meals, then donating the $ that would have been used for food) for the first time in a year and a half!  It was a really great day.

Jumping in bed with Merritt and Hadley and surprising them.  Priceless!

I finally got caught up on allowances.  It has been six months since the last time I did it (can you tell I had  baby in there?  I normally do it every month).  There are so many great ways to do allowances or money management with kids.  I love hearing all the ideas out there.  We have been doing our system for about 5 years and it seems to be working.  The kids have a lot of chores, they do yard work and anything else we ask them to do.  They don’t get compensated for each job, we decided that they should do it just because they are part of the family (and making most of the mess).   At age 8 they get to open a savings account and we deposit $10.00 a month into it.  10% goes to tithing, 50% to saving for a mission, 40% for savings.  They can use the savings for just about anything they want, but because it is in an account they tend to not use it without thinking a lot about it first.  Most other money they make gets deposited  and broken up the same way (sometimes it gets spent on things first).  Bryson hasn’t had a “Real” job yet and he already has $1500 saved for his mission (that’s only a drop in the bucket, but at least the habit is there for when he makes real money).  They have all been able to see how fast money can grow when you leave it alone or add to it.   It’s really interesting to watch their different personalities apply financial principles.  I’m really proud them.  We opened Merritt’s account yesterday and she was so excited about her $10.00 and to be like the other kids!


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