Goal #10 – Mom’s Open Heart Surgery, Memorial Day Swim and Diapers

Well, It’s been quite a week!  My Mom went into the hospital on Monday the 23rd for Congestive Heart Failure.  After many tests it was decided to do Open Heart Surgery on Friday the 27th.  She is recovering really well and can’t wait to get out of the hospital.  They also found that she has diabetes.  I think I will just go right into what worked and didn’t:


Being across the country when a family emergency happens!!!  My heart truly lies in two places.

Dad and Dixon (he really learned to sleep everywhere!).

Flying across the country with a 5 month old that weighs 23 lbs.  I now have new arm muscles, love clean arm rests and we can both sleep just about anywhere (we were on one flight for over 6 hours straight and I didn’t get up once!).  I’m sure we were entertaining to everyone that watched us unfold and fold our double stroller with car seat and bags.  🙂  I even had to lay him on the ground during the security part.  What made me think  I could actually take a shower with a baby?  I had forgotten how hard it is to take care of just one kid when no one else is around to hold him.   🙂  It was good for me.

My Mom jokingly prayed just before her Angiogram.  It was more of a negotiation and joke (otherwise I wouldn’t take a picture of someone praying).  🙂

Watching my Mom lay there after surgery was a defining moment for me.  I wasn’t ready for that.  She hadn’t woken up from the anesthesia yet and had a breathing machine going.  The nurses kept telling us how great she looked and I was thankful for that.

I had the funniest experience this week.  The entire family (plus Bryson’s friend Matt) went to the pool.  Corbin had to stay home because he had a horrible case of Poison Ivy.  We decided to leave the baby asleep so we could figure out how to do the pool with out a 5 month old (it all went really well).  We get 6 phone calls from Corbin and he keeps saying that the baby just keeps crying and won’t eat.  I tell him to check his diaper and he declares it’s dirty.  He suddenly starts to say he refuses to change it.  He says he has never done that and he won’t do it!  First of all how does one baby sit for years and never change a dirty diaper in a family of 8 (he said he always got the girls to do it!).  I keep saying that he needs to do it (my kids usually do what I say when I’m serious, so this was a new experience for me).  He just kept saying “NO, WAY!”.  I pulled out the big guns and started threatening to make him do yard work with his Poison Ivy or not be able to swim with us next time.  Soooo, he finally went up and did it.  Then the baby ate and was happy.  We can home to poop all over the blanket and on the baby’s legs (I guess that is what we get!).  He just kept saying that it was “Everywhere!”.  Ohhhh, Corbin!!!  I’m so glad he didn’t make it out of this house having never changed a dirty diaper.

Tessa was telling Addy and I all about the beginning of a PG13 movie (she is 10).  I asked her when she had seen it?  Her answer was when she was brushing my hair!  I am so happy when she is brushing my hair that all parenting must go out the window…..!


I will never be able to describe how incredible it felt to be home.  My parents still live in the same house that I grew up in (since I was 2 years old).  I LOVE it there!  Sitting in the same chair that I have fed all my babies in, my bedroom, the yard, the bathtub is the best, I even love the kitchen sink!  I found that my Mom is everywhere!  I kept thinking of the Hymn “Each Life That Touches Ours for Good”.  I am a blessed person for getting to have such a great family!

Running in my old neighborhood!  The smells, the cracks in the sidewalks, the RAIN and cold air, my old elementary school and playground and Foothill Park.  It was so amazing!  The memories of a great childhood just flooded back.

Getting to see my brother and sister was great too!  I even got to see my brother several times and it was really fun.  He had me laughing so hard, especially in the waiting room during the surgery (I think they wanted to kick us out).

I can’t say enough about the support of friends too.  I am so thankful for Michelle King who took Dixon on two separate days.  he LOVED her and I loved getting to see her!  I really appreciated all the sweet, loving comments on FB, it really made a difference for me.

The Gospel was something I consider to have “worked”.  I am so thankful for the Eternal Plan of Salvation and the understanding it gives me.  I love how my parents have taken care of me all these years and I could give back a little.  I love them so much!  The time I got to spend alone with my Dad was irreplaceable.  I guess that’s why I said “There was a lot of good and a lot of bad, kinda like a funeral, but she is alive”.  🙂

Calling home to Alabama and hearing Addisen with the kids was so cute.  They were imitating everything she said and she kept giggling about it.  She did lemonade stands with them and made dinner each night.  She truly is amazing!  All the kids were so helpful and did great!  Of course, Kevin gave up a lot his time too (during a week that was packed), he was so great with the kids and they were loving that they got to have him.  🙂  I got a little glimpse into the future when I called one time…. I could see Addy with her kids and me calling her while she was busy with her family (this is all coming too quickly for me!).

Addisen and Bryson were able to go to the Toby Keith concert this last weekend.  They had so much fun!  I always imagined my teenagers driving around together and having fun and now it’s happening!  Thank you Doyles for having them!!!

Our ward is doing a Book of Mormon Challenge.  We are reading it in 90 days.  I started it and it’s been great so far!  I happen to just finish the book, so it will be fun to do it with everyone else.

Our first swimming day on Memorial Day!

Bryson was certified as a Life Guard last week!!!  He interviewed over the phone yesterday and it was such a great experience.  I think that his Eagle Scout experience helped a lot (all the interviews!).  Whether he gets it or not, it was good. At the end they asked him “If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?”  He answered “Happy!”.  It didn’t hit me until later that day how true that is.  I got tears in my eyes as I thought about how neat that is, to be 16 and happy is a true blessing in this day.  Love him!


4 thoughts on “Goal #10 – Mom’s Open Heart Surgery, Memorial Day Swim and Diapers”

  1. Bryson’s response made my cry too! That’s so great! I’m glad your mom is doing better and that you’re home. How fun to be able to enjoy all those childhood memories & to be home again. I love that you laid him on the floor at security! Ha! You can tell you’ve got such good kids Kelly, to be able to pitch in like that with you gone. And just so Corbin knows, Jenny was the one we got to do the diapers. 🙂

  2. I love it Lindsay! Jenny is the 4th child, thus Tessa and Merritt get to do it. 🙂 Although, they actually like to do it, as I did when I was a child. Thanks for the great response.

  3. Hey Kelly, I just am reading your thoughts about your trip to see mom and me. We treasure the time together and we are so glad you love it here. Mom is doing better each day. We see the Surgeon next week along with the Diabetes specialist which will help us to get a lot of our questions answered. Mom is getting cabin fever. It was great to have Diedre here for 5 days. She helped explain many of the challenges of Diabetes and cooked great meals for us. Plus I got to go to the office and went Salmon fishing Monday. Thank you again for traveling so far and for your inspiration and love. You were such a big help during this challenging time. Thanks to Kevin and Addy and the whole family for pitching in and makiing it possible.
    Love you,

    1. Wow, a comment from my Dad on the blog! Impressive, you are so technically savvy! I think you know more than me now! 🙂 I love you too! Can’t wait to see you!

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