Goal #9 – Les Miserables, Tornado Sirens at Church….

Well, I am a little late on this post, but with good reason!  I was going to sit down Monday and write out the blog post but spent the night searching for a last minute ticket to Portland.  I will go into more detail on that in my # 10 blog post on Sunday (My Mom was in Congestive Heart Failure).  Thankfully, I take notes throughout the week, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to remember what happened!  I brought my handy dandy notes with me!


Early to rise wasn’t working the first part of the week (early to bed did!).

Somehow, I failed in training Royce to aim down when he goes to the bathroom.  I get wet almost every time I go to the bathroom!  I hate it!!!!

Royce, who has been potty trained for over a year now, but suddenly peed on the floor!  He came and told me like it was just some information I needed.  I didn’t react and just told him to do it in the bathroom next time.  Thankfully, it was a one time thing!

Really trying to work on the difference between criticizing and correcting/teaching.  I think the difference is when I am speaking nicely and working with the kid,s compared to having unkind tones in my voice.  I’ll always be working on this!

I am putting a disclaimer on the video Addy created of our trip!  Please realize I was playing Cranium in my pj’s and acting out a cobra.  🙂  Also, I have had a little cancer on my face, that is why I wear the funny hats!    I just watched the video again and I can’t believe my Mom was skim boarding a month ago, but is having Open Heart Surgery tomorrow!  😦  If you have time to watch to the end, I love the song with the pictures!  Great job on the video Addisen!

As far as teenagers go… I am really learning the art of letting go.  I always thought it would be so easy to let go, but when I have helped them for so many years, it’s hard let them fail (not all my kids have to fail to learn, by the way).

Tornado sirens went off while we were at church last Sunday.  It was amazing to see the different ways  people reacted.  I found myself really wanting to get all my kids right with me (this was very unrealistic!).


Royce:  “Dokey, dokey.”  Instead of Okey, dokey.  🙂

Tessa:  “Dad said I was being emotional at dinner, does that mean I am going to get my puberty now?”!!!!!!

We took the three eldest kids to Les Miserables last Saturday.  It was in Nashville and so great to see.  They had to read the unabridged version for us to pay for it.  Of course, Bryson waited to finish it until 11:00 pm the night before.  I think his nickname was/is “The Procrastinator”.  Still working on the  art of letting go…….

In our neighborhood, everyone  I pass, while running, waves to me (I think it’s a friendly Alabama thing).    Buuuuut, there is one couple that has NEVER waved when I pass them.  So, I decided to always wave and smile, trying to get them to cross over.  This week she finally waved to me!  I jumped so high after she was out of sight!  🙂

I think I have finally conquered the Laundry Beast!  I always did all the laundry on one day, until Royce was born.  Within a year of that, I started breaking it up.  Addy and Tessa do it Monday, I do the little boys and ours on Tuesday and Merritt and Hadly are on Wednesday.  This leaves the rest of the week for the boys to do theirs!  It’s so fun to only do 4 people’s laundry and then just wash the little girls for them (they put it away).

As part of Home Schooling, I put a General Conference talk out each day for the kids to read.  I read it first and sign it, then they do too.  Not all the kids read it everyday, but it’s better than nothing.  🙂

I’ve been reading Pres. Monson’s Biography.  I figure that I can at least jot down a few notes each week if he was able to journal so many things with his busy schedule.

Trials are interesting things.  I had some very thought provoking moments last week as I thought back to how sick and miserable I was last year at this time.  I was living for where I am now, healthy baby, healthy me and not being sick!  I prayed a lot and it helped me grow closer to Heavenly Father, but I am so glad to be on this side of that trial.  🙂

Nighty, night!  🙂


8 thoughts on “Goal #9 – Les Miserables, Tornado Sirens at Church….”

  1. Please please please tell Addisen that her video brought me to tears. She has a talent, such a talent, with her video skills. That was one of the most precious things I’ve seen in a long time. It makes me absolutely idolize you and Kevin as parents! WOW! Your kids are amazing.

    1. Rach! Thanks for the comment. I’ll let her know. Hope to get to see you this summer when we get down to Eugene. 🙂

  2. AMAZING video. One thing I LOVED LOVED LOVED… is hearing Kevin call his little girls, darlin’. They will cherish that seemingly small little expression… precious.
    I totally understand your need to have all your children around you when those sirens go off… I have a panic attack when they happen while they are at school. I want them with me, instantly.
    Sending prayers up for your mother and your family.
    (great job on keeping your goal. Love reading your entries.)

    1. I loved that part too! I didn’t get to see the completed video until last night and it hit me really hard. I do feel extremely blessed at this time of life. 😉 Glad you made it through that last round of storms….

  3. Oh Kelly! I love the video!! I miss and love your family so much! Thanks for letting us have a glimpse of what it’s like to be a member of the Jones Family. You guys are the greatest! I also really appreciate all of your honest blog posts lately. You are such an inspiration. Love you 🙂

    1. That’s such a good way to put it! It was a long, fun car ride (most of the time). Glimpsing into families is always fun. 🙂 We miss being there too. I wish I could see your kids grow up. 🙂

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