Goal #8 – Well Checks, Merritt’s Dress, More Disaster Helps :)

Well, I thought this week was going to be so great as we got back to normal.  Think again!  I had not prepared myself for how hard it would be to catch up from vacation and then the natural disaster.  It is also the end of the school year (not really for us), but that means I needed to sign all the kids up for a million things ($,$,$!!!).  Someone sent this to me this week.  It made me laugh so hard (Kevin is extremely colored blind).  I would change the wording a little but the idea is so funny! 


I may have failed…. Bryson said “Pesticides are like chocolate for dogs, a little bit on our food doesn’t hurt!”.  🙂

I took Bryson, Corbin, Tessa and Hadley in for their “Well Checks”.  My kids usually only go to the doctor once a year for their well checks and shots (if needed), so this doctor doesn’t really know us yet…..  I don’t think he will forget us now.  First, I’m in the room with Hadley and Tessa, they were so cute until….. the doctor started asking Hadley (6 years old) questions and she let her other side out.  Realize I was waving my arms behind the doctor trying to get her to stop.  🙂  “Hadley, are you a girl or a boy?”, “A girl!”, “How do you know that?”,  “Because I wear dresses and have long hair, SILLY.”!!!     “Hadley, do you always wear a bike helmet?” (remember this is our 6th child, we are lucky if there are any cracked helmets in the garage) “Well, not really, and sometimes Tessa’s bike slides right under me and then when I go down the big hill really fast…….”.  To finish it off:  Dr. “How is Hadley with strangers?”  Me:  “Well, Hadley thinks everyone is part of our family, she actually loves strangers, but we have tried really hard to teach her.”  Dr. “Hadley, what do you say to a stranger that asks you to go with him?”  HJ:  “I ask them what the password is, silly!”  Then she promptly told the doctor what our password was and she plans on telling strangers too!!!  He didn’t stop laughing the rest of the time!  What more can we do?  The doctor then moved on to the boys room and that was another “Jones experience” for him.  By the time I left I couldn’t stop laughing at how embarrassing we are.  I know I will miss this so much, my kids really have so much personality, but all put together it can be overwhelming (in a positive way). 🙂

When we moved here, I transferred all the kids records and then the nurse said they all needed a million immunizations.  I kept asking her how that could be (thinking Alabama must have more shots required than Oregon, I was also very sick and had pregnancy brain) if they were all caught up when we left Oregon?  But, I didn’t want to make a bad first impression (and doctors are hard to come by here), so I went along with it and let them start to catch up.  Thankfully, I didn’t go back for a year.  They were about to start shooting them up, but I asked when Corbin was supposed to have had his Polio series finished.  They said 5 years old!  Long story short, they never received their records from the other Drs.  They all left without any shots!!!  It’s so hard to understand everything when they keep changing it each year.  I’ll be hunting down the histories…..now that I know!  I won’t even go into what I really think about Immunizations.

BUDGET!  It didn’t work to stop budgeting when I got pregnant last year.  I usually track every penny, but I just couldn’t keep up this last year.  So, today I started again and it felt really good to get back to “normal”. I also got to cross many things off my never ending list.  🙂


Since I’ve had the baby, I’ve let too many things creep into my mornings.  I started last Monday with kids and school first, then I spent my afternoons doing phone calls and errands.  This helped tremendously.  I felt like I had my priorities straight.

I started running at the beginning of January.  It was the hardest “come back” I’ve had after a baby.  My goal was to be back to my original runs before the heat hit.  Last week I made it!  I could barely walk, but I did it!  My stomach is always happy to expand by the evening though (I think it thinks another baby is in there, when it’s just food!).  🙂  There are some huge hills in our neighborhood, but I have been memorizing the “Proclamation to the World” which really helps distract me from the pain, I  go over it as I go up the hills and then I am suddenly at the top!

Merritt:  “I want to be a bee so the mosquitoes can’t bite me”.  We also took pictures of Merritt in her Baptism dress.      

Taking a bath each night before I go to bed is my solace.  🙂

Kevin’s request: “Could we please try the early to bed, early to rise idea again?”

I had some requests that I go into a little more detail about what really worked during our week without electricity.  So, if you are not interested please just ignore this part.  I didn’t want to blabber on about our experience when other people were happily living their lives:

Paper products were a must!  Especially with the amount of people we were feeding. We still did dishes by candle light for about an hour after wards (I actually like this memory, but it would have been two hours if we hadn’t used paper products).

Cereal in the morning was so nice.  I wouldn’t have thought of having a years supply of cereal.  We normally only have dry cereal on Sunday, but we had it every day that week.  This way we could move onto other things.

The meals we fixed were:  Homemade Chili, Barbecue Chicken, Salads, Dutch Oven Roast Chicken, Dutch Oven Cookies, Homemade Soup, Mac and Cheese, Dutch Oven Banana Bread, Frozen Veggies (not so frozen on day 3), Spaghetti, Chicken Wings, bread, fresh fruit, chips and salsa!!!  The other families added what they needed to get rid of too.  The family whose house was leveled found a big bag of Tortilla chips in the rubble that were unharmed and brought those.  People started giving us their meat on day 3 because their freezers were defrosting.  We had bought graded cheese to last a year (this helped in every meal).  We were able to make our  “large family meals” triple to feed the group, by going down to the shelves and pulling off what we needed.

Lots of charcoal and lighter fluid for the dutch oven.

Corbin had the best scout flashlight (lamp like) with a magnet on it.  We used this in the shower and all over the house.  People were constantly stealing it from him (he didn’t like this, but I thought it was cute).

Lots of gasoline!  We plan on buying at least 4, 5 gallon containers.

Long wood matches and cheap paper ones.  The long ones help light the burners better, but the cheap ones work for the candles.

Our Iphones were lifesavers (and so were the car chargers – a must)!  We were able to communicate so many things through Facebook.  People would list off who they had checked on in their area.  Most importantly was getting on the Huntsville Utilities page.  We received updates about the electricity constantly.  Also, we could keep up on our e-mail and let people know we were OK.

An old phone that plugs straight into the wall.  These do not use batteries and our phone lines worked most of the time.  We started telling our neighbors and they were so happy to have a working phone (most had an old phone in their attic).

We want to get trained as Ham Radio Operators.

Our storm radio just kept saying the same thing.  We needed a real radio that had the local stations.  Our neighbors would tell us the updates or we would listen in the car.

We used ROPES a lot!!!  We want more!  Sharp knives are a necessity too.  Tarps were needed everywhere.

We want to get torches for outside.  We were feeding a lot of people in the dark.  It would have been really nice to have that kind of light outside.  I guess we could have lite our camping lamp…. hmmm.

If I think of more, I’ll let you know.  Hope your week is happy!  😉

I love watching Addy with the kids. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Goal #8 – Well Checks, Merritt’s Dress, More Disaster Helps :)”

  1. Kelly, thank you so much for providing so many details about what you have learned through this disaster. It is extremely helpful. I also enjoy following everything that is going on in your family. You are an inspiration to all of us. Love you. Uncle Don

  2. So many things I want to comment on…..
    1. I love the idea of memorizing something you want to learn as you run. Wil soon be introducing that to my routine.
    2. the doctor’s appts:hahahaha!
    3.Merritt looks beautiful! I love her sweet smile!
    4. Thank you so much for your list about the things you needed and used. So informative and that is so helpful and nice of you to do.
    5. I’m thinking of you and your mom. Love you!

  3. Lindsay! Thanks for your reply, you are so sweet to comment. I love getting to see your pictures and things too. Wish we lived closer. 🙂 Have a great week….
    Love you too!

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