Goal #5

Cute quotes:  Bryson:  “My IPOD Touch isn’t as great as it was before I got it taken away, I have found better things to do with my time.”  🙂

Hadley:  “My dolls name is Brenda, you know from Inspector Gadget.”

Please note the fountain coming out of his head! 🙂

We were calling for Bryson as he was playing piano with a young lady at the ward we were visiting.  “Romeo, oh Romeo”.  He gets in the car and says he doesn’t care that we did that, just that it might embarrass the girl.  🙂

Royce makes us say his prayers for him, but tells us what to say the entire time.  “Airplanes, helicopters, trains, trucks (with a “tr” now), motorcycles and rockets.”  One night he kept saying “Mom, Mom, Mom, don’t say rockets…. I don’t like rockets anymore!”

Royce:  During church today he kept saying:  “I don’t want make-up any more!”  I was completely baffled…. Finally he points to his mouth and hiccups!  So cute!


Planning waaaaaay too much for when we arrived home.  I felt like my head was spinning and I was shaking.  There were some time sensitive things that had to happen right away.  After two days I decided that was enough of the craziness and I weeded out two huge things for the future and I felt so much better.

Showing up to the DMV without an appointment!!!  We tried to call and make one, but we couldn’t get through.  They were full for the day, so we had to drive to Decatur.  That worked out great and BRYSON GOT HIS LICENSE!!!!!  I already love having him drive to so many things.  Just not having to drive to his things makes a huge difference!

I am reading a book called Laddie.  The girl in it describes her Mom brushing her hair before the Sabbath (with special oil) while she is talking with a neighbor.  The girl keeps reporting how her Mom would brush over her eyelids or her ears  and scratch her as she talked.  When the neighbor was speaking her, her Mom did a good job on her hair, but every time she spoke she would go back to scratching the little girl.  I think I do that with my kids at times, the poor things.


I had us eat dinner out on the deck, under the trees.  It was so relaxing and fun.  We all sat around talking afterwards and I thought about how much I will miss all of us being together like this.  We also went to a movie with Bryson and Addisen at the $1.00 theater (The Kings Speech, edited version PG-13).  It was so great to go out with just them!  Corbin did a great job babysitting as well!

Bryson became a Priest!!!  It came so fast!  Priests are the Young Men in our ward in Oregon that are so old!  Not our child!  I can’t believe he is this old.  I am so proud of him and how wonderful he is.

Tessa, Hadley and Bryson all had birthdays and we had so much fun celebrating them with all our traditions.  Special hanging candy, pick of cereal, notes, first to do everything, special dessert and dinner, going with Mom to things, singing in the morning, hiding the presents and playing “Hot and Cold”, go-gurt, string cheese, etc.

I noticed a parenting technique I use.  I’m sure this is not new to anyone, but I thought I would write it down.   I spend a lot of my day trying to find opportunities to give my children choices or to say “Yes” as much as possible.  When they come to me with a request to see what is in the pot (Royce), I take the time to lift him up and show him, rather than just tell him and brush him off.  He skips off and is so happy.  I really try to have them be in control of their lives as much as possible.  If they propose something to me, I do everything I can to make it happen, so they will want to come to me again with their great ideas.  Sometimes this backfires, because there are too many people at once and I want to accommodate everyone.  But at least they can trust me (most of the time).

That is it for now.   Some of us are are heading to Portland this week, so hopefully I can keep up with this!  🙂


3 thoughts on “Goal #5”

  1. I’m loving your posts….it’s nice to focus on both what works and what doesn’t because too many times at the end of the days its all about what I should have done better…which leads me wanting to run away:)

  2. Dori, I am with you! You are the greatest Mom and your kids are so blessed to have you! I wish I could just spend time with you again. Thanks for the comment, I hope all is well! 🙂

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