Goal #4

Due to the vacation, this one was written a little late (although I did actually jot down the notes the entire time).  🙂

So, we left for our amazing vacation on Monday.  We headed to Atlanta for the Temple Open House.  I have never been to one before, so it was perfect!  They had tours that were done really well.  The best part was being in the Celestial Room with Kevin and all my kids at the same time.  It really is a moving experience.  We headed to Destin, Florida the next day for a week. Soooo, here it goes……


Big Mistake!  Addisen and I hid beautiful Easter eggs from Costco in my closet upstairs.  They were wrapped in colorful foil and awaiting the trip to Destin (in the closet for about a month).  I started to notice foil on the ground with scratch marks in the chocolate,  I thought the dog had gotten to them.  I moved them higher….  Then I started to notice “droppings” on the floor!  Ahhhhh, it was mice!  We had heard scratching in the walls too.  Oddly enough, we have gotten rid of the eggs and now there are not any signs of the mice (after many weeks!).  Moral of the story:  Don’t hide chocolate in your closet!

We had a late night dinner on the wharf, bringing all the children and family with us.  On the way back it was cold and dark and we were flying in our open air golf carts.  The baby was screaming and we looked like a circus!  People were staring and we really shouldn’t have pushed the baby that far.  Lesson learned (by the way I am learning A LOT of lessons lately).  🙂

One area I seem to keep having a problem, is with the balance between being a parent and having so much fun with my kids, but not always being appropriate.  I’m sure no one else has this problem, because most people seem to naturally be appropriate, but I have always struggled with this.  It wasn’t a problem when the kids were little because you can just not do it around them, but now my teenagers are around all the time and they are so funny and so much fun.  They love seeing me do things and are bating me constantly.  It’s such a good thing, until it’s not (please know that it’s not anything really inappropriate, just things like “ASSSSSPARAGAS AND ASSSSSCOT”, that crack me up, or going crazy driving a golf cart right before your son gets his license).  🙂

This one is going under the things that didn’t work, but I am still not sure what I could have done differently.  I’m still mulling it over and working it out in my head.  To sum it up – Families some times don’t change, even with time.  It’s “not appropriate” to go into detail, but everyone in my immediate family (that I grew up in) went back into their roles (me as the younger sister) and it was a little brutal.  It is so weird to be the mother of 8 kids and loving my life with a wonderful husband, but then to be slammed with the an unexpected situation.  I know there is truth to what was brutally expressed, so I am soaking that up, but I also know that we all have faults and we need to try to just support one another in this life, not cut them down.   I did react better than I ever have (silence was finally my friend and Kevin is the best guy ever!).  Now on to forgiveness…..


I’m sure none of your children have ever thrown a fit, right?  Bryson used to do some pretty good ones, especially from the age 9-13 1/2.  It has been awhile since any of our kids have done one though.  Corbin now is 12 and he refreshed our memory.  He really didn’t want to blow the leaves in the yard and he freaked out.  Many years ago, Kevin’s Mom gave us the best idea….. film them while they are freaking out.  We did this with Bryson and it totally worked.  Once again it worked with Corbin.  We watched it again last night and it did a world of good.  He also had to write a paper on what he learned from being grounded for a week and two days.  It was very well done.  Hopefully, this will help him choose more wisely.  🙂

I sat on a bench extra long and watched the kids while the wind was blowing past.  So calming…..

After the golf cart experience, we really focused on Dixon getting his naps in his crib, then going out for the afternoon.

I’m not sure if this is a positive or a negative, but we’ve decided we would be the funniest reality show:  Our car was over flowing with children, we were singing “Sing, Sing a Song” by Karen Carpenter, stopping at gas stations and restaurants while everyone stared at us with their mouths hanging open, kids finally started fighting at the end of the 7 hour drive and we were laughing at them in the front seat, as we pull in the driveway the neighbors are welcoming us home as the dog comes flying out of the house and two of the little ones are screaming.  We are used to it, but if the real world entered ours, it would be shocking, to say the least.  🙂

BEST IDEA!!!  I had a cleaning lady come the day before we came home!  It was amazing to have the entire house clean (and I mean really clean for a reasonable price) all at one time.  I am still basking in that one……

Realizing that vacation is so nice because I get to hold my baby so much and be with my kids and husband all day, without driving any one to anything.  It was really hard to come back to reality.  How can I have vacation at home?  It’s so hard to weed things out, because I want my kids to have great experiences, etc.

We asked the kids what their favorite part of vacation was and they said:  Bryson,  beach and girls, Addisen, warm ocean, Corbin, golf carts and snorkeling, Tessa, birthday, Merritt and Hadley, riding bikes, beach, golf carts, Royce, the rocket when we drove back into Huntsville.  🙂


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