One Year Goal #3!! I’m actually doing it! :)

What a week!  We are getting ready to go on vacation and it is so scary to try to do a normal week, plus get everything done for the week you are gone and get everything ready for the week you get back.  There is also all the things that you need for the vacation to run smoothly:  clean car, oil change, tire rotation, car door fixed, dog and house taken care of, food, clothing washed and packed….. OK, I’ll stop, you all have done it yourself, but I hate it!  The good part happens when I’m finished, then I am so excited and happy.

Here goes this week’s tally:


LISTS:  I have a love/hate relationship with lists!  I live by them, but they rule my life!  Once I put things on a list it really helps me relax about that thing, but then I feel like I am always turning to my list (to complete it of course) rather than playing with the kids or relaxing.  The biggest problem is that my list grows with out me even noticing….  I am good about letting myself stop at night, if I need it.  I love the General Conference talks on lists.  🙂

We had a mishap this week.  😦  We were busy scurrying around, while getting ready to go to the temple.  We were going with some good friends, so we really needed to be on time.  I was so excited to get to spend time with our friends WITHOUT kids!   One of the kids suddenly stumbled with the baby and Dixon was upset by it.  We decided to stay home to make sure he was OK.  I learned a lesson on rushing.

I’m still working on my mouth.  I did better this week and caught myself (silence was my friend).


Last Monday we had a huge storm.  I love the storms here!  I was getting my e-mail done and I heard Kevin, Tessa, Merritt, Hadley and Royce down the street running in the rain.  I couldn’t resist running outside in my pajamas and splashing in all the huge rivers of water.  It was so great to let loose and play with the kids.  Also, the day after the storm was the most beautiful day ever!  Bright blue skies with crisp, fresh air.

I took time to worship Kevin and how well he taught Dixon to sleep through the night.  It took us 8 kids (and trusting Michelle King’s great words of wisdom on the subject) to figure it out.  It has saved me this round.  We now know that I can’t be trusted to help a baby learn to sleep.  My heart just can’t do it.  But I sure can appreciate people that can do it.  🙂

One thing that has really helped me at this point is switching to 1/2 bottle feeding and 1/2 nursing.  I love nursing but he eats every 2 hours and is was really demanding on my body and time.  So, I weened him a bit and it has been wonderful!  I still get my snuggles with him, but I’m not trapped.

Moving across the country has been an amazing experience.  I love experiencing new things here.  Things can be done so differently and I love it.  Some things are better and some things are not (only in my opinion).  🙂  I think it’s really good to try new things. This helps my kids and I not to think things have to be done a certain way.  Did you know that people don’t know what bark dust is here?    But, I didn’t know what a covered dish party was either.  We love to go to our neighborhood watch meeting to get our full “Southern” experience.  People are just so endearing here.  At the same time, my heart belongs to Oregon.  I ache at times for home and the people I love….  I try to turn my thoughts to the positive things here though.

Kevin and I actually took time to get remarried by our kids recently.  The girls had everything set up!  It was so sweet.  They had a dress picked out (one I have never worn, but I had to for them!), notes written with instructions and the playroom decorated.  Here is the video (it was actually very special!):

Kevin and I went to a wonderful new restaurant and I pigged out!  When looking at the picture, please take note that I didn’t eat everything on the plates, I just wanted to try it all…..!  🙂

Have you parents ever noticed that certain children thrive on pestering each other?  They complain about the other person, but still stay in the same room as that person is constantly engaging them….  This week I quickly separated any one whom attempted this.  I normally try to help work it out with them, but not this week…  It worked shockingly well.

O.K., I need help!  I need someone to either describe this feeling or find a quote that helps me.  I am not good at writing down what I feel, but I know you all know what I’m talking about, so please help me.  🙂  When I hold Dixon and look into his eyes, as I feed him or play with him, I get overwhelmed with the love I feel for him.  It’s like I can see all his potential and feel exactly who he is.  Is that why babies are so amazing?  It’s worth everything to me, all the work, stickiness, patience and frustration.  I’ve also had many moments lately, while I watch my kids play or talk, when I get these great glimpses of them as adults.  I can just see how incredible they will be.  I love how happy they are and I don’t want anything to take that away from them.  I know all too well how hard life will be for them, but I just want to keep this happiness for them forever.  Their little giggles, kind gestures and good choices are so very precious to my heart.

Alright!  I must be done with all this.  My heart strings are humming.  Here is to a perfect week on vacation with my family!  🙂  Love to you all!


5 thoughts on “One Year Goal #3!! I’m actually doing it! :)”

  1. Beautiful post. I love seeing pictures too! I will think of a quote or maybe poem that does justice to those feelings you were talking about. I LOVE RUNNING IN THE RAIN!!!!!

    And the ending to your marriage was hilarious and Addy’s warning to the children and Bryson’s comments about how wrong it all was….great stuff. And you all look great!

    And Kelly – way to go on keeping up with your goal. It really helps me keep analyzing in a better format week to week. So thank you.

    And everyone – ENJOY YOUR VACATION!

  2. LOVE the kiss! Good job on the weekly posting, it’s great to read. Glad to know how you feel about moving, we feel that way too. We missed seeing you last summer when we were in Oregon visiting mom and dad. Enjoy the storms, we miss the midwest for those alone.

    1. I have really missed your family visits too! We just got a pass for the Pump it up, down here and I was thinking of ya’ll. Do you have a blog? I’d love to see how you are all doing. I now know how blessed we were that our paths crossed when they did.

      Hope all is well. 🙂

  3. Sister Jones this is completely precious! I LOVED the wedding. Totally cute idea. 😉 and Im just sitting here reading all these blog posts and they’re just so inspiring I love it! Keep it up! 🙂

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. You two are so cute and your children are absolutely wonderful. Loved this post. And the kiss! 🙂

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