1 Year Goal – #2!!!

It’s late but I am determined to reach my goal!  🙂

I found it interesting that my perspective changed this week because I knew I would be writing some of it down.  There are so many ups and downs in my day.  One minute I will be having the most beautiful moment with my children and the next minute some one does something that just sets everything spiraling down…..  I wish I could make it stay in the beautiful moments…..  🙂


Getting highly frustrated when discussing what a specific child needs to have done for a Court of Honor that night.  This discussion should have taken place 2 weeks before but didn’t hit my radar screen until the day of.  I thought I was doing pretty well by talking to him before he left to play, but obviously not!  I tried so hard to not talk down to him, but it didn’t work as well as I wanted it to.  The Court of Honor went really well and I cooled off by dinner time….  Maybe I’ll do better next time!

I had a major melt down on Thursday.  I think when I started walking around the house mumbling about all the things I do for everyone, the kids were scared.  Many of them have imitated (in a mocking way) me since.  I guess that’s a healthy way of acknowledging what happened.  I haven’t lost it like that since I was pregnant (maybe hormones are kicking in).  On the positive side, we had a good discussion about ways they can help me more.  I asked them for ideas of what I should do when specific situations happen (I surely haven’t come up with anything that works when 5 kids are interrupting each other to get my attention, while I am trying to concentrate on paying bills, feed the baby, eat lunch, answer the phone, get the dog water, hold the 3 year old, go to the bathroom, etc!)  They had some great ideas and every one was trying harder after that.

Right after one of the General Conference sessions Kevin and I got on one of the kids.  We both looked at each other and said, “I just promised myself I wouldn’t do that, where did all the inspiration go?”.  Also falling asleep during one of the talks.  🙂


This may sound weird, but on Thursday (the day after my melt down) I gave up trying to actually improve my life or progress.  I just did what had to get done and I calmed right down.  I’ve found that this method really helps me because it lowers my expectations and I get to just enjoy life with my family.  🙂

I was really proud of myself for sending Bryson to sit on the toilet (I haven’t had to do this for about a year, this was pre-melt down, maybe he had something to do with it) :), instead of freaking out on him and making up a punishment on the spot.  It gave me a chance to think about what happened and interview all the witnesses.  The story was completely different than what I had thought at first.  By the end of it all, his punishment was more applicable to the situation.  He ended up pruning vines for me and fixing a cabinet.  When we send him to work on things he always ends up in a happy mood.

I went out with the Sister Missionaries one night.  It was so amazing!  I went to two apartments that hardly had any furniture and were in a very scary parts of town.  It was really good for me to be so thankful for what we have and feel so much compassion for others.  The spirit was so strong with these wonderful missionaries.  I want to do it more often and have my kids get out there too.  It really put things into perspective for me.  I wish I could just go out and heal all the hurt out there, especially for children.

I love helping Royce get dressed.  He is so particular about things, but if I give him a couple choices he does just fine.  He is just the cutest 3 year old!  He keeps making me count down for the rocket to take off.  I guess that’s what you get when you live in Rocket City!  I held him a lot this week and read books with him.  I’m really trying to soak him up.  🙂

One of the best parts of my week was stopping to smell the 5 amazing plants or bushes on my run.  I stick my entire face in the flowers and smell them right up!  It really fills me up.  I think heaven will have really great smelling things, or it just wouldn’t be perfect!

We had Corbin organize a jeopardy game for Family Home Evening.  We had so much fun guessing all the answers.   He did a really great job!

I love having back up dinners that are fast and easy.  We have some nights that the time just gets away from me and we need to have a meal for 9 people, ready in 30 minutes.  I also love when I decide the meal early in the day and make something special for everyone.  For those of you that have little children, I can’t even express how much teenage boys eat!  They eat more than adult men do!  It’s so hard to make enough food for everyone, but I like the challenge….  We had Zuppa Toscanna this week with yummy bread and a spinach salad.  It was a huge hit.

For our devotional each day we read a book.  Currently we are reading “The Enoch Letters”  I love doing this, so we can read out loud and just relax.  It’s also fun to finish some books together.

Kevin and I went to the temple Tuesday night.  It was so great!  That is the best date we can have.  We get to drive for an hour and a half and talk with each other.  I’m so thankful for the temple, there is nothing like the feeling there.  🙂

General Conference went really well this time.  We used to wonder why we even tried to watch all the sessions, the kids would be so disruptive that we couldn’t even hear the talks.  Now, we are really in a good groove and I look really forward to it all.  We still have the same age kids, plus more,  as 10 years ago, but it all seems easier.  Maybe getting rid of all the toys makes the difference.  8 hours of sitting and watching is a lot of time, but they do such a great job.

There is nothing like a baby fresh out of the bath.  I held my Dixon in the nook of my arm with his soft head rubbing my skin while I fed him.  He is so special and perfect.  I just can’t get enough of his bright eyes and his loving personality.  I get tears thinking of how blessed I am to get to have these amazing kids in my home for such a short time.

That’s it for now.  Last week, I panicked after I posted my writings.  I love reading about other people, but I’m not used to exposing myself like this.  I found that it has been really good for me to see the good things that I have done rather than only dwelling on what I need to do better the next day.  I think the good really out weighs the bad, most of the time.  🙂  Hopefully, it will stay that way….


7 thoughts on “1 Year Goal – #2!!!”

  1. Love your reflections!!! We miss you guys. I can’t even imagine having small kids again. You are so brave. :o)

    1. Hmmm, brave? One minute I can’t imagine not having little kids, the next minute I think we are crazy. I think we have just decided to “lift where we stand” and embrace it. I wish we cold see you guys. Hopefully, we will make our way to Salt Lake this year and see you! Hope all is well!

  2. Kelly, I loved reading this tonight as I am feeling ridiculously hormonal and pregnant, and I too had a bit of a meltdown today….and maybe yesterday too. It’s nice knowing I’m not the only one. The day ended in a great way partly from the guilt of wanting to make everything right again with my oldest (who truly is such a good kid but she knows oh so well how to test me). Anyway you are amazing and it’s nice to know the things that make me feel like such an imperfect mother might just actually be normal. Give my love to those sweet babies little to big!!

    1. Andrea! Thank you so much for commenting, it warms my heart. 🙂 I know exactly how you feel. I think my kids are so amazing, but they are really good at pushing certain buttons all to well. That one story that I talked about was a good example of it. The child that told the story at the beginning has stretched the truth a little (enough that she made it sound like Bryson did something that my brother used to do to me), this twist of the story set me off. So, it was a good thing that I investigated and figured out what really happened.
      You truly amaze me with your wonderful life! I wish we lived closer and could have our families spend time together. Keep up the great work, it’s always worth it! 🙂 Love to you!

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