1 Year Goal!

Here is my one year goal!  I am going to write once a week about the things that worked and didn’t work in my life.  I plan on doing it every weekend (jotting down notes each day).  You have no idea how hard this is going to be for me.  I haven’t written in my journal for over a year.  I am so far behind in so many things, I don’t think I’ll ever get to catch up.  I felt prompted to start doing this, thus I will obey.  I’m not quite sure why, but I really felt like I should do it in this format.  Soooo, here it goes……


My sweet Hadley!

Impulsive grocery shopping!  Takes so much time and happens at expensive stores!

Yelling about interrupting!

Getting caught as the tooth fairy and then covering up (felt very deceptive). Although, I did laugh as I fell off the bed….  🙂

Telling two of my kids that they just need to stop talking (each about 20 times in one day!).  This is a really hard one for me, I have two that are in the stage of trying out new personalities.  I need to be patient and let them figure it out while gently working with them.  But when there are 8 voices all coming at me at once……  I know you all understand right?

I waited too long to find out about soccer dates and Addy missed try outs!  Uhhhgggghhh, I hate it when we can’t just be normal.  It all worked out, but I just wanted her to have as many advantages as possible.  I should have looked on the website and checked for the dates, instead I waited for an e-mail and it came after the fact (Side note: She went tonight and had a great time).

My personal scripture study = lame!  It’s better than nothing….  I’m reading in the Book of Mormon every day, but I really want to dive in and use all the scriptures and study by topics.  I just haven’t made the time to do it.  Soooooon…..

One thing that really didn’t work….. I saw someone I have been meaning to meet (another sibling from our home school group), I went right up to her and started talking to her and she was not so kind.  Addy and I talked about it later and realized it was just her personality, but I think I could have taken a different approach (I’ll always be working on this!).


Family scripture study during dinner!  Finally, we are doing it every night.  We are really good at eating dinner as a family every night, so I thought I would take advantage of the time we are all together.   It’s going really well and now our conversations are much more appropriate (that’s for all of you that have experienced our dinner conversations!).  🙂

Staying up late with our teenagers!  This is worth every minute of less sleep!  I love my teens!  I get teary eyed just thinking of how much I enjoy them and will miss them for the rest of my life.  I can still hear their laughter from the other night.  We meant to go to bed, but it just kept getting later and the wit was all over the place.  I am truly a blessed woman!

Stopping for a Baskin Robbins double scoop ice cream cone.  Then eating it the same way I imagined when I was in transition during Dixon’s birth!  It was the best!  I laughed all by myself in the car (other drivers probably thought I was crazy!).

Kevin and I crying together when he called to tell me he passed his Master’s review!  This has been a huge experience for us.  Last November he took it the first time (right before the baby was born) and we never even considered he wouldn’t pass.  Much to our dismay his failed and our world was rocked!  He finally looked at it all again in February and had to redo everything!  He spend so much time on it and it made both of us sick!  What if he didn’t pass again, then what?  It was neat to really take a look at what matters in life.  He and I both know without a doubt that education is important and to reach for your goals but that family is always there, even if you don’t make it.  We love him with or with out his Masters (but we are so glad he passed!).

Being there right when Hadley’s tooth fell out!  We were soooo excited together.  I can’t be there for everything, now that I have 8 kids.  There are just too may great moments and I miss some of them.  It was really cute.   I even remembered to have her smile for me all day.   She’s one proud little girl.

I actually remembered to call the house and to compliment Merritt on a job well done while cleaning the garage.  She had been begging me to check it out, but I never had a chance….

Went to the Young Women General Broadcast.  It was so great!  I get to go with Addisen.  I’ve been waiting since I first joined the church to have a daughter who was 12 years old to go with.  She is such a wonderful young woman.  I felt privileged to spend the evening with her.  Of course, we had to go to Baskin Robbins again!

I took time to just listen to all the voices in the house.  I love doing this from another room and trying to soak up this phase of life, knowing it will be gone before I know it.

I held Dixon extra long each day and played with him.  I always have so much to do that I tend to rush off and not enjoy each moment,  this is a huge thing for me.

On Friday and Saturday I tried to stop and listen to each child every time they came up to me.  I wasn’t perfect in this, but I did better.

Went running 4 days this week.  I love to walk after wards and ponder and pray.  I get my some of my best insights during this time.

O.K., I’m done for now.  I’ll be back next week with more of my mistakes and triumphs.  I love life so much!  I love to learn from each new situation and try to do better each day.  I’m so thankful for the Gospel leading me to new heights.  🙂


10 thoughts on “1 Year Goal!”

    1. Oh, my dear Rachel! What a nice comment to wake up to. I love reading all your stuff on FB. It makes me feel like I am actually with you a bit. Love you tons. 🙂

  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome goal. You can do it! I love your format too. What didn’t work, what did. I might have to start thinking in these terms instead of “aaaaaaaughhh! I really blew it all week!”

    I love all the times you stopped to listen and feel.

    Love you!

    1. Thanks for the comment, it really helps! We just got back from vacation, so this week is late. Hopefully, I’ll get it done tomorrow. Love to you! 🙂

      1. Hey Cheri, are you still Home Schooling? I need to figure out how to get messages sent to me off your blog (maybe I could get Kevin to show me….). 🙂 I love your pictures on your blog, you truly amaze me! Your kids are so cute too!

  2. You nailed it! I usually go to bed thinking about what I need to do better the next day (in a positive way, of course). After I wrote out both lists, I realized that how many great things had happened too. They even out weighed the negative ones (although negative they are great learning experiences).

    How is home schooling going? I want to hear what you doing with it…..

    We should really meet up!

    Love to you all!

  3. Kelly, I LOVE this! I love this format and I love seeing that someone else missed tryouts and someone else struggles with listening every time their children come talk to them or ask you to go see something they did. It is a fantastic reminder to me to keep trying instead of going to bed feeling largely like a failure. It also opens my eyes to maybe my mom’s point of view with seven children. That’s a nice thing to see. I wish we lived closer. You are an all time favorite of mine!

    1. Oh Lindsay, you are so sweet! Wouldn’t it be so great if we all lived by each other?!!! At least I get to see your wonderful updates on FB! You are so talented with all your photography! I love your writing too! I’ve tried to comment on your blog, but my computer won’t let me! Ahhhhggg! I thought of you last week in Destin, I wanted to fly you there to be with us to take pictures and hang out! 🙂

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