Quotes of the Day

1) Kelly changed Dixon’s diaper in the morning hours when  Royce was with her.  “Roycey take it” he asks.  “Yes, please throw it away.”  So he put it in the toilet.

2) We were driving to Tessa’s Bball game and we pulled behind an SUV.  Our suburban has those sticker people on the back – you know the ones that show the whole family.  Ours, obviously, is quite a lineup.   But Hadley saw the SUV in front of us and exclaimed, “HA!! Only two kids!”

3) After our Christmas concert they passed out gingerbread men to all the performers (gingerbread people, for all those in Oregon). I immediately started eating mine as I had not had dinner and was starving.  Our friend Randy Nash said, “You know, they’ve done studies and can tell what kind of a person you are by how you eat your gingerbread man.”

“Well, I ate the head.  What kind of a person am I?”

“A cannibal.”

“That’s why I had 8 children,” I said.  “Food storage.”

Had the cookie been milk, it would have come out of our noses.  My humor even took my by surprise.


4 thoughts on “Quotes of the Day”

  1. KELLY…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I am not sure what your email is these days! Send me an email at tracyswartley@comcast.net when you have a minute so I have it. Not sure if you got my anniversary message or not?!! BIG HUGS TO YOU and a very fantastic year ahead! XOXO Tracy & fam

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