Dixon Dalton Jones

Dixon Dalton Jones was Born on December 6, 2010 – at 10:07 pm……

Mom went in for a doctor’s appointment on Monday.  She came home, and said she was going to go the hospital and have the baby! – Because her water could break any time soon, and she was dilated to a 6-8.  The doctor finally got there after 9 o’clock. Just before ten, she went into labor;  20 minutes later the nurse and my Dad delivered the baby. (I’m not going to go into detail and it is more fun to hear Mom and Dad explain it.)  🙂 They are both fine, and the baby is SO cute!  He was 8lbs, 11oz, and 19 inches long.

We got to visit them in the hospital on Tuesday; we all wore paper Santa beards.  We went in and said “Ho ho, ho, Happy Birthday!”  Royce loved the Choo-Choo train (tram).

They got home last night, and we are all loving it when we do hold the baby.  Nana got here Tuesday night, and we are going to pick up Papa at the airport soon.  We had fun celebrating Nana’s birthday yesterday.  I made the cake, and it turned out okay…. it was still delicious!

Mom and Dad will post more tonight, along with better pictures.  🙂


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