Baby is almost here!!!! He could come any day, but Mom is trying to hold on at least another week. 🙂   She is due in 3 1/2 weeks. We can’t wait! Some of the names we have thought of are; Regan, Landon, Tate,(only Mom likes that…) and if we really wanted to do a southern name, we could do Huckabee or Homer- or even Billy Joe. 😉 I wish we could do Harrison Indiana, but dad won’t even think about it (at least not seriously.)

Royce is talking a lot!  And finally after six months, he can say truck!!!  – He says it ter-uck, but anything is better than what he said before!

His new thing is a motorcycle. ( A big blue one.) He tells us about it all day; He says something like “a big motorcycle outside, a big blue one, and Roycee ride it, outside, and I will put my helmet on, and vroom vroom!!!!”  Except he puts that all into one short sentence. 🙂

Royce loves to pray. He jumps up and down, and says, “Yay, it’s Roycee’s day.” He prays for motorcycles, choo-choo trains, cars, trucks, airplanes and anything in the room.  He could go on for hours…

It is in the 70’s here!! We are all a little  jealous of the Oregon people who got snow.  🙂 At least it’s raining right now.


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  1. Hold on Kelly!! It is totally not fair to have him 3 1/2 weeks early!! Just get through Thanksgiving first! As for the name Tate….I have a nephew with that name and he is the cutest thing ever! 🙂 Wish I could be there!


    p.s. Addy if it makes you feel any better the “snow” that we got around our neighborhoods was only a dusting, not anything that you could make a snowman or even a snowball with….and they canceled school for it! Only in Oregon! 🙂

  2. Michelle,
    Where are you when I need you? Can’t you move to Alabama for a month? 🙂 I’ve held on and now I would be fine with the baby coming. You would think I could figure a way out to just skip to the holding the baby part!

    Missing you and you kids!

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