Halloween 2010

How can you beat this?!  They are so scrumptious!

Friday night we had a “trunk-or-treat” at church.  Saturday night we went to some friends’ home who lived on the base and did T0T there (they switched it to Saturday).  These pictures are from Friday night.  Enjoy!

Kids with a few neighbors - Click to see the whole thing.


6 thoughts on “Halloween 2010”

  1. I’ve got the same Bryson question!!! Seriously…how tall is he? At first I thought it wasn’t him. Then I thought he must be standing on a tall stool. 🙂 The other kids look awesome (Addy, you are adorable and I love you!) and I LOVE the belly.

  2. Ok. This is Bryson. Now, for some reason, I look wayyyyyyyyy bigger than everyone else. The only thing that might make me taller is the cowboy boots. That probably only gives me one inch over everyone else shoes. I’m really only about 5’10”, the other people are just short. But Royce really is only to my waist. I don’t know why i’m so huge in that picture.

  3. Whew, what a relief. I had been wondering the same thing. Thanks Bryson for clearing that up! You all look amazing, even Petey! However, I object to the fact that everyone is growing up so fast. But the costumes are charming and you must have had a wonderful Halloween.

  4. Ummmmm……so is it really okay that Bryson is so old? I’m kind of freaking out because I picture him still looking like Royce. I’m hyperventilating. I know I’ll be 30 this year but COME ON!!!!

    You’re all SO cute!!! I’ll pray for snow for you guys!

  5. I agree! I love the kids growing up but i don’t at the same time! They are all so cute and I just keep getting tears when I watch them. Has anyone figured out a way to just freeze them at this age (minus me pregnant!). 🙂

    It is weird to have a son taller than me, but it’s cool too. I’ve always pictured what it would be like and it’s even better than I imagined. Although I can’t put him in his room very well any more, he tends to be stronger than me…. JK.

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