Summer!!  Nice and hot: it has been in  the 90’s for a long time, and last week it just started to go to the 80’s.   We go to the pool on base almost everyday.  It has two diving boards, & a kiddie pool.

Royce is so cute, when he goes down the little slide at the pool, he yells, “Yee haw!!!”

Royce LOVES Toy Story. He would watch it all the time( until our TV’s broke a couple of weeks ago.)  Then we went to see Toy Story 3 right after it came out.  We all loved it! ( Especially royce.)  Mom cried at the end , and we all thought she was kinda weird ……………

Mom and I are going to be in Oregon this weekend.(Friday to Tuesday.)  I can’t wait!!!!! Bryson is going in August.

And….. Lots of people already know, but, Mom will have a baby( her last) in December!  She is almost 17 weeks.  She was very sick, and she is just starting to get better this week.  We are so excited!


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you pull out of the remnants of sickness real quick like. (How’s that for a little southern?) I am so excited for you and so curious if it’s a boy or girl!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!! I am so happy to hear the great news and really glad you are feeling better! Big hugs to all of you from the Swartleys!

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