Royce’s Language Needs to Clear Up!

Royce loves trucks or anything that is big and moves.  It is so fun (usually) to ride in the car with him, especially since we live in Rocket City and literally get to see huge, real rockets almost every drive.  Buuuut, he really has a problem with the truck word (tr is replaced with f)!  I know you all have had this experience, but I’m sure your son never said it so loudly or so many times a day (I’m talking I’ve already heard it 45 times and it’s only 12:00!).  This has been going on for at least a month or two.  He runs around the house saying “Truck me” and all I can do is laugh until I finally feel like I’m being assaulted!  We are all working on helping him learn the tr sound!  Will this ever end?  At least he hasn’t yelled it in church yet!


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