fireflies, snakes, & cockroaches

We are finding new bugs here! – some cool and some gross;

About a week ago, Mom was out running, and she saw a big, long  snake on the sidewalk.  She wasn’t very happy about that……  And she saw another one today, but it was not as big, and it was dead in the middle of the road.

We found something else new – fireflies!  The other night Dad got back  from home – teaching, and he blew into his shirt pocket, and a firefly lit up.  He had been catching fireflies.  Last night we went outside and caught A LOT  of fireflies.  We put the into a jar, then let them go.  Then we caught them again.  Hadley was so excited when we caught one for her and put it in her hands.  They were so cute running around the whole yard.  I caught a couple, but I mostly took pictures…

Last Thursday Mom took the little girls to a camp out with our home-school group.  Dad and Bryson and  I were watching a movie when  Bryson said, ” There is a bug on the ceiling.”  I looked up and I saw a cockroach!  I ran out of the room, and Dad said ,” Bryson, go get a paper towel, and kill it.”  Bryson didn’t want to, but Dad said we wouldn’t watch a movie if he didn’t.  So he got on a bench, grabbed the cockroach, and yelled,” I did it! I caught it!”  Then the cockcroach crawled out, and dropped onto the ground.  I screamed really loudly, mostly because it was heading into my room.  But Dad  finally caught it, and put it in the trash outside (alive).   Mom just got lucky she wasn’t there that night.


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