Royce, the bees , & mom’s facebook page

Last Thursday, our neighbors  – in the ward – called us and siad, ” Hurry and come over, the bees are swarming.”  They are bee keepers, and the bee colony in their backyard was finding a place to make their bee hive.  It was hanging on a tree branch.And it looked like a football. Most of them were in the little clump hanging to the branch, and some were flying around it.   A guy came over, from their ‘bee keeper association.’ He put on his net – mask – thing, and helped to shake the branch with the branch.  Most of the bees fell off, and into a box with some honeycomb.  As long as the Queen bee went in there, the rest would eventually follow.  It was amazing!  Then we all tried the net- mask on……

Royce randomly says, ” Hee haw.” He has said it for the last couple of weeks…We have no idea where he got it,  or why he is saying it. But he is so cute. When he rides his little car, he says ” yee haw!  yee haw!”

He screams about almost everything right now…. lots of fun.  🙂

Mom finally got a Facebook page!!!!!!! Dad actually  convinced her to do it.  She thought it would take up too much of her time –  but it doesn’t take up that much time.


One thought on “Royce, the bees , & mom’s facebook page”

  1. Love the bee story….are you all going to start a bee farm, too? Sounds like Royce is becoming a true Alabaman.

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