Picts of the Kids

The dogs are an incredible reason for the neighborhood to get together.  We take them out a couple times a day and people just can’t help but stop and see them.  We have met so many great people!  One of these families is the Joye family.  Their son, Nick, has been coming over to play.  And his mother, Oksana, asked if she could come by and take pictures of the kids with the puppies.  We didn’t realize that she was a professional.  The pictures she took were amazing!  They were taken in our side yard and in front of the house.  And, I must say, they are getting much too old!


5 thoughts on “Picts of the Kids”

  1. As of yesterday morning we had all nine. Between yesterday and today, we are down to two! Yee Haw! We haven’t really tried anything besides telling some friends and keeping the puppies outside so that when neighbors drive by they see them and fall in love. Ahhhh. Love at first sight (for them).

  2. Did I count 7 puppies for 7 kids. Sounds perfect to me 🙂 Ha ha! Just kidding. I love you too much to wish that kind of insanity upon you. I LOVE the group picture. I’m so jealous. If we’ve got one kid we’re worried about and they end up cooperating it’s another who won’t. We can’t win. Pictures totally stress me out! So yea for you guys.

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