Merritt, Hadley, and Royce…

Hadley and I were cleaning leaves up. I said to Hadley, ” It’s Okay, You’re almost done.”  She said, ” Almost is a long time.”  🙂

Merritt was showing me how dirty and scratched up her feet were. She got mixed up  and said,  ” Look how feet my dirty are!”

Everyone was playing water games.  Hadley got some water on Merritt’s feet.  Merritt said, ” Hadley!  Those are my NICE flip-flops!”

Royce learned a new word.  Royce gets REALLY excited about trucks, AIRPLANES, and guns. That doesn’t mean he says what he is excited about.  Sometimes he just screams, and says “look, look.”

Yesterday, Royce saw a picture of a truck on something.  This time he did say what he was so excited about.  He can’t say ” truck “, so instead of a ‘tr’ in the front, he put an F in the front.  We couldn’t stop laughing!  He is so cute…..


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