The puppies are sooo cute!!!  There are 3 boys and 6 girls.   They are 2 weeks old( as of last Thursday.)  They just started opening their eyes.  They are also just barely starting to get up on their legs instead of crawling.  And today they started growling and barking instead of squealing.

Royce hasn’t named his yet,  but here are the names of the others: Dad’s = Pig, Mom’s = Tilly,   Bryson’s = Rat,  mine =Princess Buttercup,   Corbin’s = Scooter,  Tessa’s = Nala,  Merritt’s = Star,  Hadley’s = Molly.

Destin was lots of fun! It wasn’t warm…. but it was nice and sunny.  There were 2 golf carts, 9 bikes,a great house, and we were only 5 minutes away from the beach. (On golf cart.) – My aunt got pulled over by a security   riding a golf cart…. She and my Dad were riding too fast while turning on  the golf carts. It was fun to have white sand, and water that is a lot warmer than in Oregon.  We put a video on YouTube of our trip to Destin.  It is called Sandestin 2010.

Royce HATED the sand.  When we tried to take him into the sand with the other kids, he would lift his legs up almost above his head.  On the last day, he would play in the sand if he had his shoes on.  In the video, when he is on the beach, he is either screaming, or on mom’s lap. 😉


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