From 1………….to 10

We are down here in Florida: the sun is out,the sand is white, the water is warmer than Oregon, but still kinda cold……..except,we miss Bentley: We had to leave her with a family in our ward. Because we knew she would be having her puppies this week.  It would be hard for her to have puppies in the garage of the beach house. (This house doesn’t allow pets.)

Yesterday I was woken up by Bryson saying,”Addy,Bentley had nine puppies!!!!”  I couldn’t believe it! When she was taken to the vet to see if she was really pregnant the vet said there were 4 puppies. I hadn’t expected 9 !

She had her puppies in their bath tub.  All together it took about 4 hours. The last 4 were born in the last hour. some are lighter than bentley,( because the dad is a lab, and some of Bentley’s siblings are lighter than her.)  Only one is darker than Bentley, and it has a little white spot on its forehead.  Most of them were born on March 4, but one or two might have been born before midnight. (She was finished having the puppies at about 3:30 am.) We are all talking about what to name our puppy; Bentley jr. , fransisco jr. , ( fransisco is what we named the dad) kelly, sir taco the pig, …………….lots of names.   I can’t wait to see them tomorrow!


One thought on “From 1………….to 10”

  1. Oh don’t DO that to me!! FLORIDA?!? Jealousy!!!! I vote “sir taco the pig.” That one beats all. Congrats on the new pups!! I remember being at your house when Snowy (was that her name) had puppies. Forgot about that until now. Have a fun vacation!

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