Can You Say FREEZING!!!

For the first time of my life, I am sick of the cold and snow!  I keep thinking the trees might start to bloom, but then the temperature goes down to 22 degrees and the plants all say “NO,WAY”!  It is pretty to wake up to snow every morning and go running in it.  I’ll have to have the kids post a picture of how brown it gets here in the winter.   It’s fun to experience something different, but I really miss my green!

Bentley is very pregnant as Addy said and we are hoping she will have the puppies before we leave, so we don’t have to take her.    We’ll have to put a picture of her on here too.

Royce just woke up so I’ll have to finish later….  🙂

Miss you all – Kelly


2 thoughts on “Can You Say FREEZING!!!”

  1. Hey you guys,
    So moving to Utah I expected tons of snow and prepared myself for a cold cold winter and wouldn’t you know it’s one of the mildest they can remember around here in a long time…..go figure but I’m with you in that I am really getting excited to see green again sometime in the near future!

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