We have decided  that we brought the rain and snow with us from Oregon.  It is snowing right now.  That is the 4th time it has snowed in the last 2 months. the second time that it snowed , it just built up for three days. The last few years it has barely even rained.

We started a homeschool-group… a drama class for the older kids.  ( Dad is teaching it.) And the other kids do different activities each week.  today would have been our second time, but then it started snowing.

Royce is starting to talk a little more, and try to repeat us. He tries to put things  into sentences, but sometimes the ‘sentences’ turn out to be just a blur of some words.

By the way, Bentley is pregnant! She is getting really big!  She will have her four babies (at least) at the end of the month – right when we take a trip to Destin, florida.  The dad (we think) is a lab with a bit of pitbull.


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