Christmas, then up to Nashville

Christmas Was Fun, ………We got A lot of fun things- The family got a dart-board, A basketball hoop (down here It is ‘Basketball GOAL’)- Bryson got a basketball and the hoop.  The 3 little girls got matching bonnets – they play little house on the prairie with their bonnets on.  (Royce gets to be Grace.)   Mom Gave Royce A Willow Tree Ornament…. He hugged it and jumped up and down, screaming , ” Yay, yay, yay!!! ” (Hoping it was a toy to play with.)

Last Wednesday,(the 30th) We went on a day trip. We started out by goin’  to Ethridge, Tennessee. That is where the Amish people live.  We were just entering into Ethridge, when we saw a horse-drawn buggy On the road!  The guy inside the  buggy had A long beard and A wide-brimmed hat.  I was thinking how cold he was in his buggy. We printed out A map of the Amish houses, And what they were selling.  They were selling the food furniture, candles, and other things  that they make.We drove by their houses, and saw the barns, buggies, clothes on the lines,…………

Before and after we went to Ethridge we stopped at some Civil War battlefields. The last place that we went to was Fort Negley.  (That is in Nashville.) It was A Civil War fort that the Union used after they took over Nashville.  They didn’t fight in it though.

After we ate dinner we got ready for our 2 hr trip home. (We had the whole family, plus the dog.) We only brought one movie…Royce was really tired, and only one thing could satisfy him – his gun. southern already He shot his little plastic gun all around the car… on the windshield, the back of my Dad’s head, everything.  He says, “Boom, boom, boom!” as he shoots it.

It is supposed to snow on Thursday & Friday! Some people down here freak out when snow comes…..(Even though it is less than an inch.)  The day before it snows, they stock up on food like they will be trapped in their house for a week!  It is getting really cold. The coldest it has been is about 12 degrees. (In the Morning.)


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