It SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On December 5th, we all woke up to a lawn full of snow!  (It actually wasn’t that cold outside.)  I ran outside to take pictures – of course   ; )     The snow on the lawn wasn’t high enough to make snowballs, or slide down, so the snowballs all came from the hoods of the car or the trampoline.  We had to ( I mean, got to)  clean the church at 8:30.  On the way back we stopped to get a christmas tree.  They cost A LOT… we went to Home Depot to get a tree. We had fun grabbing snow off of the trees and throwing snowballs.But when we got  back all the snow was gone.  : (                   (except for the snowball that Bryson still has in the freezer)

The best quote  yet came from Corbin’s friend in the Neighborhood—- ” How do you make a snowball? ”

I also heard  this on the radio—” I know it is hard to belive, but, it is COLD. ”   On that day it was a little warm.   : )


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