Bryson’s Surgery and Alabama Hospitals! :)

Bryson had to have his pins taken out of his wrist (so glad to be close to being done with all this!).   So, on Thursday we headed off to the hospital.  We ended up waiting for 5 hours before he actually left for surgery.  We watched more TV that we have in a year!  I was buzzing by the end of it.  I felt like I had to go buy all these things…. (side note).  Anyways, I still get teary eyed and almost start bawling whenever one of my kids get taken from me to be put under anethesia.  I held it together, so no one noticed, but it really made me think about how precious each member of my family is to me and how blessed we all are to be so healthy.  I was really close to crying a lot (must be PMS).  But, things were put into perspective when a family started moaning,  yelling a freaking out.  We were all waiting in a huge waiting room (like on ER) and they had just lost their daughter during surgery.  Wow!!!  They were holding there hands up in the air, blessing the mom and praying.   I lost it then.  How thankful I was when the doctor came out and said Bryson was fine!  I felt so sad for them, I just wanted to go hold them.

The more humorous side to the experience was how Bryson and I needed an interpreter!  We only understood about half of what people were saying.  I loved it and really made me laugh.  Bryson was so amazing.  He was a bit nervous but held his head high.  He was still my little boy when I sent him off…..  Each nurse kept coming up to me and telling me what a fabulous kid I had.  They all were stepping a little lighter and smiling when they left him.  One lady just couldn’t get over how great his personality was, so she started asking him all these questions.  Finally, it came…..  “Where do you go to school?”  “I’m home schooled”, “Oh, that’s why you are so great!”  We got lucky that time!  🙂  We’ve had other reactions at times.

So, all is well and we are thankful, he made it through this one!  🙂


One thought on “Bryson’s Surgery and Alabama Hospitals! :)”

  1. Great pix, great notes, great to see what all of you are up to! I can’t believe you guys — 7 kids and 10 dogs is a bit of an overload, no? I do hope all the puppies are spoken for!

    Thanks for sharing this. love you guys!
    -Auntie Bronwyn

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